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How to teach to say the child the hissing sounds, or the bug of

Buzzes over a honeysuckle It would be desirable to talk on speech problems at children and about how it is effective to solve them together.

Modern children (however, maybe, it only similar kids come across to me), develop as tadpoles. Very high intellectual potential and the lowered possibilities of motor and articulation development. Well, they have no prepotent hemisphere as we got used to it! At both of them hemispheres prepotent. More precisely, equal though at first it is diagnosed as an underdevelopment. Therefore they grab information at once, entirely. It is more feelings, than logic. It is easier to learn to read them the whole words at once, but not on syllables. And it, notice, at our technique of training at school it is very difficult. The result of a task is born at them too at once, but not step by step, and is more similar to inspiration.

Here also you judge - how to teach them and what to consider as pathology and that - norm?

Very few people from parents pay attention to features of speech development two - three-year-old children. Garrulity of kids who use the the words clear only to the chosen circle of adults, touches. Adults begin to lisp and distort words also and, thereby, render to the kid ill turn . If you want that the speech of your child was correct and competent, it is necessary to talk as much as possible to him, accurately pronouncing words, especially the terminations and pretexts. verses without hurrying to Read

to it and it is rhythmical, without special emotionality, quiet, equal, even lingering voice. To encourage the child to finish speaking words - rhymes in verses, cultivating feeling of the word and a rhythm. To compose very simple, but effective couplets of type: OH - OH - OH. HERE the PIPE " LIES;. It is desirable that the kid himself finished a line and repeated, whenever possible, all couplet.

And now we will pay attention to the concrete, difficult uttered sounds.

K hissing belong Sh Zh of Shch Ch. Usually notice the wrong pronunciation of sounds and Sh. Prich the sound Sh usually not really cuts hearing - hissing can be reached in the different ways. And here just like that you will not hide a sound. It or is, or it is absent. Therefore it is necessary to put hissing from a sound.

Most often the problem of hissing is covered that the child cannot weaken language and stretch it widely. So that edges as if leaned on lateral upper teeth.

Therefore is useful at first to teach to relax language. For this purpose it is necessary to put it on the lower teeth as a pancake, and to prishlepyvat the top teeth on language. To make to it peculiar atata . Then to allow language to lie down quietly, without moving, on the lower teeth. Exercise is considered acquired when becomes easily and freely.

Hands to represent everything the known pose cups as though in palms it is necessary to pour and hold water. The uvula has to repeat this pose. It is desirable behind teeth, but not put out forward. To say a sound . Of course, this sound will not turn out, and it will turn out .

Thus needs to deceive a speech habit to say instead of what the hell.

As soon as a sound began to turn out, it is necessary to enter it into syllables. It is possible to use a universal template for any sound.

You take a pencil and you draw a capital, high letter Zh. And near it, on the right and at the left, in a column vowels of the first order

Then you connect a hyphen each vowel to our overage, a letter Zh. The bug - a spider turns out. Further, in a derivative order, you combine vowels with a sound.

For example, AZhA. AZhO. AZhU.

of AZhA. OZhA. UZhA.

of AZhA. OZhO. I WILL FISH. Etc., as your imagination will allow. If it is difficult for

to begin with a vowel, it is possible to reject it and to say one syllable - ZhA. ZhO...

With a sound Sh after put a sound, it is a pleasure to work. He appears. It is also easy to approach ik to a sound Shch.

The sound of the H belongs to hissing too. But it consists of two sounds - T and Y. That is, language has to strike at first alveoluses, and then relax and pass through a narrow crack a sound Shch. At the raised language tone at kids it turns out badly. It is necessary to experience at first T, and then to connect from Shch. Snachal slowly, and then to acceleration, before full merge. It is impossible to strain at all.

And further the most interesting begins, at least, for me as logopedist. We compose and remember tongue twisters, couplets. We think out fairy tales in which our sound - in bulk.

Also we follow the rule of the good logopedist: we pay attention to a pronunciation only of those sounds with which worked. The others are still passed by an ear. Also their hour will come.