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... How many to us to wash this earth from violence and from lie?. I. Ratushinskaya`s Verses of

Lollipops, coma lollipops! there is no

more with pleasure, is more transparent is not present! Fly

rather, madcaps:

On splinters - the whole bouquet!

Yellow hare, red rooster

I four lilac elephants.

Take away to yourself two at once:

That for pleasure, if one?

At my lollipops a secret:

Wind, mint and barberry. there is no

more with pleasure, is not present more cool - Fly

and more safely undertake:

Lick - in a mouth a chill, Bite off

- will thaw as a dream,

Look through - a green ice,

Yellow honey, a crimson ring!

Din - Don - sugar glass!

This summer, in this garden -

Fly - you were lucky!

Tomorrow I will not come any more.

the Yellow hare, a lilac elephant

will not return - and it does not matter.

Candy old law:

That for pleasure, if always?

September, 1982

prison of KGB Kiev

.... When comes nearer on April 1, I remember not only cheerful Yumorina and April Fools` turmoil. In very old times when the first KVN (60 - x) already died down, and KVN 80 - x did not revive yet, in these dark times there was a city where KVN was never interrupted. Of course, it was Odessa. On the first of April in university and some institutes there took place matches of students with teachers. I then was a green first-year student, and all this terribly captured me. One thin, fragile girl came to rehearsals to scenario group to us. She chilly muffled up in a jacket, and spoke a little, but, as they say, the king is played by suite - on reaction of people around it was clear that to us the viewer came not just.

... How this thin, weak woman soon could take out terrible Mordovian camp?

Irina Ratushinskaya was born on March 4, 1954 in Odessa. All attempts to train from it the builder of communism both from parents, and from school led to the conflicts.

When to me it was executed seven - not a kitten in a bag,

Not arrows and onions, not a sailor suit, not the scary book -

gave Me as a gift a thimble on a children`s hand:

the Brilliant feature, a frame on a finger - the thin person.

And me to study sewing, comprehending put

of Crafty patterns, the lowered looks and laces...

But I rested a needle about a table corner:

my nice thimble was not for this purpose necessary to me.

I in it gave to get drunk to tired horses,

I my general differed in a brilliant helmet, the cunning witch took

I from me

the Same thimble at night - to fly to the remote fairy tales.

That year was sad, both new, and new came.

would be time to grow wiser. But again and again full moon!

I I, useless, am stuck with a needle about a table.

A soldiers fight, and horses drink, and sorcerers fly.

April 82, Kiev

Since early years Irina believed in God, and this belief, but not atheistic family and school education, formed and kept it soul. In 1971 she entered the Odessa University. Its student`s years passed softly and joyfully.

On the ladder which became permeated with the smell of kerosene,

On the third march, booming as body,

the Cut piece of glass - as it is beautiful!

Delight forty, poets and Roma! whether

are more inspired than a find? to scrub

about a sleeve Rather - and here

On what look - lilac shadows

I orange joyful contour!

Rounds of a handrail! Eaves! Modelled masks!

I impatience jumps already: whether

will be gone fantastic

paints Out of marble and dusty stained-glass windows?

But gloomy charms are mercy:

the Yard - in lollipops!

Oh, with whom to divide


- Murket! Look, a tomcat:

What sun, even glass hurts!

October, 1982

prison of KGB Kiev

At physical faculty where it studied, still remained the thaw remains, except that physicist and the mathematician even in the USSR were rather independent. Collisions with KGB began early. In 1972 she was tried to be hired in informers of KGB and, having received resolute refusal, long frightened and threatened, but then business came to an end only in threats. In 1977 in one of the Odessa theaters the premiere of a performance took place. Irina was one of authors of this play. After a premiere display of a performance was forbidden, and all who were connected with it, - began to drag in bodies, having seen anti-Soviet moods in a performance. At that time Irina already worked in teacher`s college. To it suggested to be a part of examination committee, having explained that to Jews - entrants should apply special requirements. Ratushinskaya refused, and after a while was forced to leave work.

Irina began to write verses early, but at first - generally comic which she seriously did not treat. The feeling of poetry as callings came to it approximately in 1977.

* * *

do not undertake to master, If the boy looks at

with the man - Include

as loss, an approximate motherland!

As you quickly weaned to christen the leaving son,

As cruelly in exchange learned to damn him!

Than you salt the bread -

That for ever did not pull to the stranger, As start up

on a trace of the efficient dogs,

About a bag, about prison,

About a madhouse nightmare -

do not work to repeat. We learned

and so for ever.

Who was too krylat,

Who since the birth was objectionable -

do not undertake to master, buying, executing and threatening! Us not to get

any more.

We leave, we leave, we leave...

Say as if the shot in a back cannot be heard.

January 80, Kiev

... In 1979 Irina moved to Kiev. In 1980 they with the husband appealed to OVIR about departure, but were refused. The first human rights letter which she wrote was turned to the Soviet government concerning the illegal reference of the academician Sakharov. In August, 1981 Irina was called in KGB where threatened with arrest. Demanded from Irina that she ceased to write verses.

Soon repressions followed.

arrested Irina in the morning on September 17, 1982 and in handcuffs brought to investigative prison of KGB - prison in which in the years of occupation of Kiev by fascists prisoners of Gestapo pined. And on March 3, 1983 the Kiev court sentenced Ratushinskaya to 7 years of camps and the five-year reference.

(I. Gerashchenko. Forward to the book OUT OF the LIMIT (c) Possev - Verlag, V. 1986 Frankfurt am Main) to Whom the dream will pay

for all accounts,

to Whom will gild an empty nut...

A to me whines about a velvet dress,

Cherry and magnificent as a sin.

Oh, inaccessible? Not our life!

I could not be taken, and there is no place to put on...

But as I want!

to Reasonable reproach

In defiance - there, in the narrowness

of Warm recesses - blossoms a poison

of Heavy folds, dark sewing...

the Childish violated right of

For beauty! Not bread, not housing -

But royal not bleached laces,

of Twisted rings, crafty tapes - on the contrary?

my day as a burro, is bridled and loaded,

A is desert night as prison light.

But I in soul - what to do! It is guilty! -

Everything I sew it, and I Put a thousand stitch

in mind, clasping a quilted jacket

I measuring a kersey boot.

November, 1982

prison of KGB Kiev
Was required to

I. Brodsky, Carter and Margaret Thatcher`s intervention that Irina was released and let out abroad... She with the husband went to England and gave birth to two sons. Now lives in Moscow. Wrote the big novel Inhabitants of Odessa story Portrait Shadow book Grey - color of hope - reminiscence of camps and there are a lot of verses.

The sovereign - the emperor plays at soldiers - bravo!

At horses on - drakon waves steam from nostrils...

As to me in heart in boiled your tin glory,

the Damned homeland of my eternal December!

Misters officers in a caret become covered with hoarfrost - greatly!

A under a consequence will sob and entreat,

Will tell the names... You will forgive them double change,

But will torture their women in the not extinguished snow.

Misters nihilists overthrow a shrine... not bad!

are not necessary to Them golden idols - will take silver. You to them will allow to play

in February with a ballot box

I for it will teach to cut down words the axe.

I today, and tomorrow - the same, changing appearances -

If only is closer to a throat! - and slowly to drink voices,

A to fall off then in vurdalachy Yes iudino a tree silently to raise greatness

on the woods.

December, 1982

prison of KGB Kiev