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How to get a grant or to win a grant for study in Germany?

for this purpose to win a grant, are necessary

to be patient,

to trust in the forces,

to be able to finish begun,

not to be given at all even then when speak to you it is unreal at you it will not turn out in total on protection you have no knowledge etc.

to listen and hear what is recommended by the former scholars or the staff of fund.

We will consider steps of the quick student who is going to win a grant. There is a lot of persons interested, requirements become complicated every year, there is a lot of candidates, the competition big. Let`s take and will consider a situation with a certain candidate. What does it have to do and what to begin with? On this portal there is already similar article, however in our case we speak about training in Germany.

Our student X knows and is sure that he the best also will achieve the objectives. Though he does not know four languages, does not use masterfully any, he has no excellent certificate, special awards and letters of recommendation from above. He is not a genius who solves supercomplex challenges, and all teaching staff admires it. He knows English on well (he knows the most important words - hi how are you perfectly ) . It differs from other candidates in the fact that it is self-assured in the success and in a victory.

It as at school: remember, excellent students always worried before examinations, and those who regularly received 3 and when will carry, and above, never especially worried. They spoke - And what for? . But as a result this category of school students nevertheless took examinations by miracle and sometimes their estimates exceeded estimates of excellent students and horoshist.

So, first step: to define for itself what you in this life want. To plan the purpose - then it will be easier for you to collect necessary information on various funds which provide grants and grants. There is a lot of them, and the direction at all different.

Step of the second: to obtain all information on funds and to prove that you are the best. That also others believed in you. For this purpose you look for in the searcher on the Internet funds, their addresses and all necessary information. Further - at least to find the information booklet about all funds. Let`s dwell upon this point.

Not to waste time in vain, quick the student descends on a special exhibition AbsolventenKongress Career Education . Such exhibitions take place 1 - 2 time a year at least, in each country. They are specialized for school students, students, graduates and the beginning experts. Career Formation of 21 centuries Higher education institutions of the Russian Federation Education .

At each such exhibition there are large funds, such as DAAD and others. At least once in a semester the known higher education institution will organize similar action.

Most often free entrance. It is separately necessary to mention Absolventen Kongress which will organize Forum e. V. - it passes annually in the fall. About it it is possible to read on the Internet and to be registered on the website, having received free entrance. But it should be made a minimum in a month.

The clever person knows that it is necessary to be in time everywhere, to be aware of all events and always to be in touch. Your friend, the assistant and a stick - a lifesaver is the Internet.

In a search engine to enter the word grant and the country (funds, grants, study in Germany). Then it is necessary to click on the link and to read information.

After viewing of requirements to candidates it is necessary to look at main objectives of fund and its orientation.

Step 3: to choose the direction and specialization on which you want to get a grant. On what subject you will write scientific work? What requirements to documents? The student collects necessary documents, including recommendations from professor as in the country, and abroad. With the second - German - professor there are no problems. How to find it? Besides, you visit the website of the German higher education institution, you find professor of the subject, and you write the letter by e-mail. You can write in English. It sends the answer. If refused, write at least five more. When received the answer, unpack and apply in the folder with documents for giving on a grant.

Step 4. Learned by own experience that the most difficult is to pass the first round of selection. It means: competition of documents . From 1000 there are 200. From invited to interview - 80, from them at most 10 - 12 win a grant. Therefore collect all documents which are required. Then beautifully and accurately they should be put in the folder, without fastening with the stapler.

Step 5. In time to send documents by mail, having scanned previously. Just in case should keep originals of documents in one copy.

Step 6. To file documents to fund.

it is better for b to make secure and to give at once to several funds.

Step 7. To ring out, Whether you Received my documents? To whom I talk? To write down a name, a phone number and date of conversation. That then there were no claims that documents are not received.

Step 8. Having received the invitation to interview, be surely punctual! Prepare that you can be asked:

Why you chose this subject?

And when this thought came to your mind to be engaged in this subject? (they want to hear that nearly in kindergarten).

As with private life?

When you want to make a family, in Russia other traditions?

As often you read?

What do you think of Germany, namely: to problems in political and economic spheres. (Therefore in advance look at news. Can ask the question " about this subject; what do you think of it? ) .

whether you Have scientific articles? And this article about what?

And what you were engaged besides study at school in? In higher education institution?

Attention! On interview want to be convinced that you are purposeful, stress-resistant, it is possible to rely on you, you the leader, the patriot of the country and if they give you a grant, you adequately finish study. You the best, is pleasant to study you, you are in love with the country and you wish to live only in the homeland and to work for the benefit of two countries. This from you is wanted to be heard! When the grant is got by

, start interview at Embassy of Germany. There everything is simple. If passed difficult competitive selection on funds, then problems with the visa, as a rule, do not happen.

If suddenly it did not turn out to get a grant, do not turn sour! Try again. Or remember such thought: Everything that does not happen, all to the best! . Perhaps your destiny prepared for you an excellent gift...

Ah and! It is not necessary to be nervous on interview. If absolutely you worry, hide hands under a table. Hands give your nervousness. You do not twist the handle. Do not give smacking kiss, do not champ, do not slobber, you do not mumble. If something was forgotten in German or in English, then smile and concentrate.

By the way, those who on interview, too sometimes worry and you perfectly understand...

The road will be mastered by going!!!

of Progress!

P. S. I can recommend two informative

portals Fund of Conrad Adenauyer www. adenauer. ru

Portal of the German actions

www. po - nemezki. ru

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