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Liqueur of gods?

REFINED LIQUEUR of GODS - so Victor Hugo characterized cognac. Honestly, krepkoalkogolny drink is widespread around the world. It is known by all: from Eskimos from the Arctic deserts to Papuans from the southern islands. Having won the taste the world, cognac became not only alcoholic drink, but an irreplaceable component by production of candies, chocolate, cakes and cakes.

Is many versions of emergence of noble taste of cognac. Acquiring legends, it occupies a niche of the most refined and expensive drinks more and more. On January 1, 1909 in France the special decree on establishment of borders of the territory which production in the form of grape brandy has the right to be called - cognac was issued. In the different countries cognac called that brandy, vinyaky Armagnac. But only the drink conforming to certain requirements has the right to be called cognac. And here what these requirements:

grapes has to be grown up in a certain region, around the city Cognac, in France;

prepares only from some grades of white grapes - Unyi Blan, Fol Blanch, Kolombar, Semiyon, Blan Roshe;

the producer has no right to add sugar and sulfates to wine, i.e. has to conform to the regulated rule of winemaking;

process of production has to conclude certain operations, including, double distillation in the device AShMV1S SNANEYTA18 which has to begin not earlier than November 15

and end not later than March 31 of the next year, and also endurance in oak a barrel not less than 30 months;

for improvement of color can be used caramel or tincture vodno - spirit solution on oak shavings, making no more than 2% of total of drink;

strength is not less than 40%; drink has to belong to

to a certain category, depending on endurance.

Fiery drinks will prompt

about the age on a label: so KV - endurance of 6 - 7 years, KVVK (the cognac sustained the superior quality) - 8 - 10 years, KS (old cognac), VO (very old) - over 10 years. Or there is still other gradation - three asterisks *** - U. Z (4 - 5 years), U. Z. O. P - (5 - 8 years), H. O - 30 - 50 years, such cognac costs madly much. So the Armenian and Georgian producers, using the word COCMAK on the labels, violate the international act. But of course, even these drinks too very much themselves are good. And here is how to us to define quality liqueur of gods :

We pour this drink in a special glass siniffer a tyulpanovidny form, slightly made narrower up, filling on only one quarter of volume. Took a glass for a leg and we admire color. Young cognac has light-an amber or golden shade. The nasyshchenny color, the it is more senior, however, some producers add caramel, imitating long endurance, Then we study transparency. On an opposite wall of a glass we leave a fingerprint which has to be clearly distinguishable.

Now viscosity. We turn a glass around an axis by 45 degrees and it is watched droplets legs flowing down down, the more largely and more slowly the drop moves, the quality of drink is better. At old and uniform cognac it is formed beautiful crown from dense, dense traces. And here we begin to enjoy aroma, the first breath needs to be made at distance to define the first impression. Then we shake a glass, we immerse a nose in a glass and it is taken the second breath, now we feel heavier aromas hidden inside. The third wave of aroma is exhaled by already empty glass.

We start the most important - savoring of divine drink. We gather a small amount at first in forward honor of a mouth, then we move along language. With a characteristic poshchipyvaniye in a mouth, he allows to judge a shade of taste and long aftertaste age and quality of cognac

Here such, exotic and unique, blagorodkny and refined, original and expensive. In a small amount well affects many diseases. Sokderzhit tannin and tannins which promote strengthening of effect of vitamin C and active releases of zhekludochny juice. Cognac as neobychkny gift on a wedding was presented to the king Henry II with Ekaterina Medikchi. Elegant drink is served on etiquette after second courses, before a servirovaniye of coffee or tea, after a zavershekniya of a lunch or dinner. So enjoy it liqueur of gods also feel inflow of forces and harmony in an unusual combination of difficult aroma to shades of vanilla and soft garkmonichny live taste. Also enjoy life.