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How it is correct to make to the man a row?

Already word scene a lot of things explain - to have effect, it has to be skillfully played. The scene - the favourite weapon of women, it allows us time, way of the short emotional flash full of indignation, to achieve about what we in a quiet state would ask the whole months and years.

Having begun with trifles, only because the collected irritation demands an exit, the scene has to gain gradually strength, eating all burdensome memoirs, being replenished with old offenses, filling everything with inconsolable sobbings around. Then - at a well-chosen moment - there has to be a change: plaints began to decline, they were succeeded by thoughtfulness and gentle melancholy, the first smile and a wreath to everything already appeared are voluptuousness explosion.

Nevertheless if we want to make really talented scene, we need to be accustomed to the man with whom we deal. Such irritable men who from quarrels derive pleasure meet and can even outdo the behavior us, women. The same quick temper appears in their answers. Such quarrels do not do without mutual roughnesses, however reconciliation happens quite gentle.

The ordinary normal man hates scenes. They put it in a humiliating situation as it at the same time, as a rule, loses an initiative. Therefore dullly played scene quickly will bother and that the most awful - can even do much harm the conceived purpose, and sometimes and will have effect, opposite to that which we expect from our scenes!

Always it is necessary to remember that the woman aggressive and all dissatisfied quickly bothers the man, but also the woman undemanding, ingenuous especially will not for long keep the power over it. The person is weaved from contradictions, he all - inflow, otliva. Scene - an ideal way to do to the man the invigorating contrast shower, a way resolutely to forbid the man what still yesterday he considered strongly won. The woman is often forced to torment slightly the one whom loves as many men cannot live, without suffering, and sufferings only strengthen attachment.

The best scenes - those which arrange intentionally and thinly play. Each woman has to own this art. But it is necessary to remember that scenes only then are effective when they are rare. Therefore I advise you, lovely women to do less scenes, but with big gloss! Because in love the man always seeks not for war, and to the world.

And the most important - during scenes never you tell about yourself anything bad, it and so will be made for you by your girlfriends.