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The press - attribute of business life?

the Press in any times are the integral attribute of business, political and public life. At any document, the consignment note, the reference there has to be by all means a print with the name of establishment or the person who gave this piece of paper. Exactly thanks to such print the used-up piece of paper becomes the document.

The first mention of the seals in Russia for the first time meets in Stories of temporary years in 944. At first it was the ring either gold or a bar of silver with an engraving which was given together with the diploma. Archeologists find many seals which belonged to princes, merchants and boyars. On them heraldic signs, symbols, names of owners or principalities were represented. On them many events of the past are restored. Then the Prince Ivan the third, the first sovereign Moscow, and behind him Ivan the Terrible considerably changed a type of the press. It became metal, stronger. Coats of arms, i.e. only noblemen could have the press.

Now everyone can make the coat of arms in due form. It is necessary to rummage in archives, to learn, than was engaged your ancestors, than the sort was famous. Or it is necessary to rely only on the knowledge. I.e. to become the ancestor that descendants, looking at the press with your coat of arms a name, could tell smoothly a story some kind of. It is necessary to approach only the choice and design of the personal or corporate press with severity and responsibility as knights approached creation some kind of.

any firm or the organization cannot do Now without the press, but the civil legislation almost does not pay it attention. There are no precepts of law on application to use of the seals and stamps, there is no general norm obliging all organizations and mark the press; some requirements concerning a form of the press and information which it has to contain are established; the obligation of some legal entities to have the press is provided. In old times the seals were believed often more than to signatures. It was because were able to read not many, now we do not believe paper only with one signature too though we are able to read all.

The press - the main attribute which allows to establish authenticity of the document. The notarial act, the contract, the receipt - without the press just are not taken into account. The individual can write out the power of attorney, without using the press, but any, even the smallest organization needs to get the press to feel like the equal partner. States of emergency without formation of legal entity which not just trade in the market are more often, and write out consignment notes, too it is necessary to get that attribute.

The press happen round, is more rare - triangular shape, they confirm the signature of the official who undersigned for the document. Therefore at the seals by all means there has to be information on the organization or a face, the owner of the press. In fact the press can tell about much. Sometimes it is even possible not to read the document, and to define quickly to what establishment this press belongs and already to draw certain conclusions. Inscriptions on the press are called a legend. It went for a long time when the coat of arms (our way the press) for knights was a personal banner which reflected all their fighting and personal merits. The armourbearer always carried for the knight a board with the personal coat of arms, it was the only detail by which it was possible to recognize the soldier in armor and with the lowered visor. Knights protected the coat of arms more than the skin - the skin will heal, and the insult from the coat of arms can be redeemed only with blood.

Here types of the seals:

- an official stamp - always round. It is had the right to use only the state organizations or private which received the status of state;

- main press of the organization and (Ltd company, closed joint stock company, joint stock company, etc.) can be triangular. If there are branches, the additional seals become;

- the additional seals have to be similar to the main, but with assignment of serial number. If the organization big, each division can have several seals, the, but at the same time there has to be the most important one press, as well as one main person (the director, the chairman);

- notaries have press personal, doctors even if they work not separately, and in hospital or notary office. Such people bear a personal responsibility for recipes and the certified documents. The personal press to addition of the press of the organization is necessary for them. It will help to establish the valid document or counterfeit. There is a simple example: the druggist cannot know all signatures of doctors, the low-quality press will cause suspicion, and the people`s commissar of An will not receive drug, or the patient will not poison himself with a strong preparation;

- the press of the businessman without formation of legal entity (BWFLE) is similar to the press of the organization. Functions her same.

By all means on any kind of the press there have to be such data:

1. full name of the organization with the instruction organizationally - the precept of law.

2. location.

3. number of the state registration (or registration number).

4. number of the state Register of the seals if the Register exists.

5. there can be a logo of firm, the coat of arms if on it there is a right. At the same time you should not confuse the press to a stamp. The stamp certifies nothing and does not confirm, it has information functions. Stamps can be put on cash-memos. There is one more type of the seals - seals. Their function - to limit access to strangers. For example, to get under the sealed-up panel before the guarantee expiration, on warranty repair the device will not be accepted any more.

Seals can laid on and hanging. Seal up cars, vans, a container when transporting if there is something valuable. Rooms seal up so that to open a door, to uncover, without having damaged a seal it was impossible. They are done of special mastic, soft metal, plasticine. Material has to be strong that it was possible to put a print. And drawing should not be difficult that it easily differed on a print. The lock can just be stuck with a paper strip with the press.

During creation of the press it is necessary, in - the first, to provide the sketch of model, it can be computer or drawing graphics. In - the second, the document confirming powers of executive body (except state of emergency). And the last, in the presence in the sketch of the press of means of visual individualization (a brand, a logo, the trademark) - the notarized copy of the certificate.

If there is a Register it is necessary to register the sketch of the press and to get a registration number, or to register the press in tax authorities or in administration. The press of the doctor is given in the presence of the diploma. The press of internal use - the letter with signatures of the CEO and accountant certified by the press is necessary. There is more difficult level of the press an ex-libris or the personal press. On it there can be a coat of arms or other drawing, such press is given in the presence of the passport, but this press has no validity.

In general the ex-libris is an ex-libris, or in a different way, a personal sign of the owner of the book. It sometimes call heraldic. Earlier it were small masterpieces, the drawing with the richest ornament decorated with different intricate patterns. Now they were replaced with dirty ink stamps, remember library literature. Appearance, and sometimes and perception of the book from it considerably spoils.

Most important whatever was the press or a stamp a fake, production is punished by the law. For a start restriction the arches for a period of up to three years, or arrest for a period of four till two years. If acts repeat repeatedly - that punishment will be imprisonment for a period of up to four years. If the press is stolen, or lost, then you should not make the exact copy even if it is the press not of the state organization. Both the firm, and her clients, and absolutely foreign, innocent people can suffer from the stolen press. Therefore it is better to carry out procedure of destruction of the press, it is registered both in bank, and in tax authorities, and in the register. At the same time it is necessary to order new. The firms which are engaged in production of the seals perform work for 1 - 2 day, but at surcharge for urgency it can be 1 - 2 hour.

If to sum up above and above told, then confirmation of the document - a detail important. And the press - business thin and serious. It is the clearness and stability. This trust to firm. And as in lines of one poem - the press as a stamp, and a stamp - armor, so let it will keep me .