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What is Alfred Nobel`s father famous for?

became on March 24, 1801 the first day of life of Emmanuel Nobel whose father was the naval officer. Nobel - the senior stayed at home seldom, in breaks between sea expeditions, and therefore to the firstborn treated with great attention. In any case, he learned Emmie`s crumb to reading and the letter. And at the same time also became a magnificent role model: already in 15 - summer age Emmanuel by an example of the father settled the ship`s boy on one of the ships going to Egypt.

But by that moment Emmanuel`s father retired and, having tasted delights of civil life, advised the son to give up the sea and to switch to industrial construction. For this purpose the young man arrived on architectural faculty and got a quite good education.

At the beginning of foggy youth he met the future spouse - the daughter of the owner of several bookstores - to Andriyett. Young people fell in love with each other and swore to stick to each other both in pleasure, and in sorrow!

The pleasure was not slow to be in the person of the firstborn - Robert. In two years the second son - Ludwig was born. But also the trouble did not yawn - once in the house there was a fire. Nobeli managed to run out from the burning house, and all property burned down.

Was necessary to buy a modest hibarka in which in 1833 and future inventor of dynamite appeared!

He then did not suspect that its first years lives will pass in need. Emmanuel literally gushed forth ideas, but they could not be realized from for the time being - for financial difficulties! Did not manage to found Emmie the Sweden`s first factory on production of rubber as came it is time to pay off on the credits! And with them jokes were bad - the family for many years was up to the ears in debt.

All business with the fact that Emmanuel became as our Ukrainian friends - " speak ended; zarabitchaninom that is went to search of the better lot to Finland. And Andriyetta as faithful Penelope, waited for the Odyssey, trying to make ends somehow meet. At it it turned out not always - Robert and Ludwig, at the age of 6 and 4 years, were forced to sell matches on the street! And here little Alfred from - for constant malnutritions, the most part of time spent in a bed! Now it seems inconceivable, but future genius for the first time went to school only in 8 years and studied there neither more nor less only year!

But by then whimsical Fortuna everything is smiled to Emmanuel. Its researches in the field of sea mines became known in Russia, and after display of this ammunition to the grand duke Mikhail Pavlovich the decision to allocate for developments and construction of plant in total 65 thousand rubles was made.

This enterprise was constructed in 1846 on the left coast of Big Nevka and received the name Foundries and mechanical workshops. Emmanuel Nobel and sons .

A even earlier, in 1842 Emmanuel transported to St. Petersburg from Sweden and all family. However, their house was reminded more likely by the madman. Because in it explosions very often rattled, splinters of windowpanes scattered, and Andriyetta constantly was in a terrible nervous tension, risking to lose the husband and the supporter of a family in any second.

Hour of triumph Emmanuel in Russia fell on the Crimean war when he managed to sign with the Russian government the contract for delivery sea min. Their cost was determined at 100 rubles. To be fair, it is necessary to tell that they did not differ in special reliability, often without reacting to the enemy ships. And, nevertheless, on these mines 4 English ships were undermined. But lightweight of mines (Nobel preferred to take quantity, but not quality) led to the fact that any ship was not sunk.

Etosygralo the role after the end of the Crimean war. The Ministry of Defence decided not to conclude contracts with Emmanuel any more. And in 1859 Nobel is the senior, having become the bankrupt already in Russia, was forced to return with the wife and the younger son to Stockholm. And three of its eldest the son remained in St. Petersburg.

It is necessary to depict in brief as there was a destiny of sons of Emmanuel. Ludwig - based cast iron - medno - steel and " boiler foundry; Ludwig Nobel (since 1919 Russian diesel ) . The plant especially blossomed in time russko - the Turkish war of 1877 - 1878. It turned into the hi-tech enterprise producing nozzles, machines, pumps, separators, water turbines, hydraulic the press and other equipment. Ludwig Emmanuilovich died in 1888, at the age of 66 years. Its grave remained on the Smolensk Lutheran cemetery of St. Petersburg.

Robert became interested in oil production on the Caspian Sea. Its first trip to the Caucasus was caused by searches of a nut tree necessary for production of gun butts. He asked Ludwig to send him several thousands of rubles to purchase of oil refinery and a borehole. He constructed oil refinery and became the founder of one of the largest industrial conglomerates of Russia. Robert lived the longest life from brothers and died in 1896.

About Alfred Nobel, I believe, all have heard a lot. It buried also the father who died in 1872 and mother who endured the husband for 7 years. And from all characteristics given to the inventor of dynamite to me that which Victor Hugo calling Alfred " gave it is most nice; the richest tramp of Europe .

What lesson can be taken out from Emmanuel Nobel`s destiny? First of all, that chances of worthy life sometimes are scattered far from the Homeland. It is necessary not to be afraid to dart off in search of the better lot. And then good luck will not fail to smile!