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Where it is possible to get acquainted with the guy easily?

Spring, sun, birdies, florets At heart everything sings And there is a wish for something brand new. For example, to sew to itself a new fashionable dress, to make manicure, having changed habitual color of a varnish, to sign up for courses on dances, to begin to play regularly sports And to get acquainted with the person who will present you happiness and pleasure. How to make it?

In this small article it will be a question of that as well as where to get acquainted, but not according to the habitual scheme. Any banalities.

You in the subway or in public transport , also feel that this young man attracts you . It is pleasant to you. You hesitate to approach it? Original way: write it a note clear and beautiful handwriting - the e-mail address or number of the mobile phone (but not house).

You on a dance floor (disco). Relax and begin to dance with soul, but not to be pleasant. Occasionally glance at it, but it is short, and then lovely smile. If it courageous, approaches. Absolute result. Only, please, observe a decency framework .

If you in the company , attentively listen to the interlocutor. Especially the one who sympathizes with you. It will be pleasant to it, especially if you keep up the conversation on the subject interesting him or to speak with it about its hobby / hobbies. Any rough jokes, insults in its address and to its interests.

At restaurant, in cafe, at an exhibition, in shop, in establishment. Ask something banal. For example: What time is it now? Long ago you stand? What there today in the dining room for lunch? You will not help me to choose the razor for the brother, and that I do not understand it at all? (and it is VERY lovely to smile, having so looked that to answer is not present it will be impossible)...

You can get acquainted on the Internet or the SMS . However I advise to be frank with the virtual young man, but not up to the end to tell everything to him? you never know whom he can appear. Discuss details of possible behavior after a real meeting or the scenario of succession of events in life. What does it mean? When you communicate by e-mail, the SMS, in a chat, you idealize some qualities of the interlocutor. you think what it good and beautiful. But, having met, you can not be pleasant each other. And not only externally. Many from - for it are disappointed and cease to believe in virtual acquaintances. Therefore before to undertake something, think how your elect will react to it. Whether you cause it mental anguish? Whether you will upset him?

You descend on student`s action which organizes any society of students at educational institution. For example, by on picnics, at concerts at university or at the international conference it is possible to meet the mass of interesting and clever people.

On the beach. Here as far as the imagination will be enough.

In the gym. On horizontal bars. In the pool.

Eventually, just push it unintentionally around in transport, having looked down eyes, look and apologize...

And still there is a mass of other ways of acquaintances. Let`s discuss?