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How to keep up with fashion, or Women secrets of

What is fashion or how not to go crazy from

from this choice, from aggressive advertizing, an infinite chain of brands, styles, the directions and currents?

Opening any glossy magazine, we are always ready to a huge number of advertizing. Leather red bags, new spirits, an infinite series of beautiful and expensive linen, and behind it - hours, stockings, the poured lip gloss brightly - pink color, and further - all new and new horizons of bright and tempting images which every time is forced to wish, to want, to feel the lameness without this bagatelle. We are untwisted dashingly on all this tinsel, force to accept new stereotypes. But the main desire of the woman - to be beautiful (at least) and fashionable and remains unsatisfied.

How to open itself for the world of fashion? And whether it is necessary? Let`s try to understand!

So, approaching the next time a mirror, we solve time forever: to be charming and attractive. Yes, it is much easier to go towards the planned aim now. What we will begin with?

Probably, each woman came to change thought everything, starting with itself. But itself - that is a lot of too - both the hairdress, and a figure and clothes style too different happens How to be?

There are several receptions which will help to make favorable impression irrespective of style. The first: details solve everything. The main details on which judge your income - footwear, hours and a bag. Alas and ah - the more expensively, the better.

With a handbag it is possible to use cunning, here the main thing seriously to approach its choice. It is necessary to remember that suede (even if artificial) looks always actually. Never it is necessary to choose a bag (perhaps, it belongs to the majority of accessories) with a large logo of the making firm. And if it belongs to so-called left to producers. A large number of jewelry, pebbles and paste on a bag - not so business option, they are badly combined with other things.

If there is a wish an interesting and inexpensive bag, there is an excellent option - bags from fabric. Yes, they demand additional leaving and vital term from them slightly less, but at the same time it is possible to choose very interesting options without big material inputs. Especially, every season this or that fashionable brand chooses this or that material for accessories as a hit.

Footwear. Here not to do without material losses in any way - after a while the low-quality footwear begins to show the actual cost very clearly. But here besides it is possible to find plus: if to buy one pair of universal and qualitative shoes, it is not necessary to buy anything on change and they will look not one season perfectly.

How to choose hours. Here besides it is necessary to find golden mean - the bright and shouting things always oblige. It is better to choose something not striking, the average size. The thong has to be strictly on a hand (metal sections easily are removed, and here the leather thong has to be soft). Naturally, such hours, which just like Roleks is only ten times cheaper, can make only negative impression.

The friend under the friend is better to select all details of clothes. There is no strong attachment " now; a bag - a belt - " shoes; but here it is better to pick up color scale in tone. Options when a bag and footwear of one shade, and a glove and a headdress - another are possible.

Here some more little advice which will always help to look good irrespective of a situation.

Council the first. At all times there is actually a rule white top - a black bottom . How this combination hackneyed and banal seemed. The main thing that things were with each other combined and sat on a figure. The main thing that the blouse was not too transparent, had not too deep cut (it not always pertinently and will appear a certain constraint). The classical white body shirt can be combined with the mass of various jewelry, scarves, vests. Trousers can be the most different, here each woman knows the sure bet. Colors can have options too: pitch black, dusty (i.e. is a little lighter than usual), melange, with a strip.

Council of the second. The quantity of accessories should not make impression of a nagromozhdennost. If in clothes there is already a difficult and original detail, it is better to pick up other things simple and laconic. For example, it is better to wear the embroidered and sosborenny skirt separately from a blouse with a jabot and paillettes. Massive jewelry has to be presented in single option, or it is very good to be combined in a font.

Council the third. The most part of time at conversation with the person, we look at his face. Means, all shortcomings on the head are noticeable at once. The hairdress always has to be. And in any way differently. A good hairstyle (laying), clean hair and their color - here without what it is impossible to make favorable impression.

I hope, my councils will help you to be not just the woman, and the beauty!