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What has to be the ideal girl?

I came across an entertaining subject in a forum Recently. The question posed in itself very amused me. And it sounded thus: What has to be the ideal girl? . About 100 people from 15 to 35 years participated in a subject. All these people seriously discussed what has to be their darling ideally. I decided to sum up everything told, results were quite curious.

The fact that all - the majority tried to estimate soberly the elect could not but please me, and recognized that there is no of ideal people . Phrase the ideal does not exist sounded throughout all discussion. Nevertheless, young people honestly listed those qualities which by all means have to be present at their darling. It is no wonder that males began to describe preferable external data. Beauty and until now - terrible force! Here only tastes at all different.

Concerning intelligence there was the real polemic. Men were divided here into two camps: representatives of the first party dreamed of the clever and widely-read girl, their opponents preferred to depict mental capacities of the ideal girl capacious expression that there was not an oak an oak . I will bring a little, in my opinion, interesting statements:

Definition clever everyone understands in own way... If for one this person clever, then for another he can be a fool.... .


Ideal girls are not. Because the girl - is a set of the mutually contradicting requirements. And what it is good - to eat in one case absolutely badly in another. Especially surplus of brains and cunning depresses. The cunning girl is such girl at communication with whom at a certain stage the strange feeling in the sky, in a throat and on a lip appears. Such easy pricking. Then I hit myself into an ear and I find in myself in a mouth a set of a beginner or the advanced fisher. If I notice it when kryuchya are already ready to pierce well when cutting - means, cunning .

Well and, perhaps, still:

Surplus of brains - on the fan. Such girls do not know what to do with the mental redundancy, and usually apply the abilities to destination - i.e., think out problems and themselves, and people around .

But all agreed on thought that the girl should not be cleverer than the elect . Well, in it, probably, there is a certain sense. It is also necessary to notice here that girls not against such statement of a question. In the subject What has to be the ideal man? they almost unanimously voted for mind. External data were not so important.

Still interesting supervision: men till 20 years were at all not against the girl smoked, was obscenely expressed, took drinks more strong. Some welcomed even such qualities as roughness and depravity. After 20 years these views sharply changed: all above-mentioned qualities became absolutely unacceptable. The cigarette turned into the biggest evil, from drinks only wine and champagne were resolved (and that on holidays), and the obscene language was absolutely excluded from lips of the ideal girl. It was pleasant to hear that in the girl is important soul . Sympathetic, careful, gentle, tender, kind and romantic girls can quite lay claim to an ideal.

Some cheerful man declared that only skill of the girl in kitchen is important for him. But very few people shared his opinion. I never liked the statement that the way to heart of the man lies through his stomach. So I with pleasure for myself noted that ability to prepare not in priority for our men. Though, by the way, I not bad prepare. But all - there is no wish to think that we are chosen by such insignificant criteria as culinary abilities. Eventually, it can always learn.

An important factor is for the majority the first impression. According to the stronger sex, the girl has to be bright that it was possible to allocate her from the general gray weight at once. If suddenly pulls you to the girl whom you see for the first time on the street, passing by, then, of course, it is possible to call it love at first sight but most likely it will be set of a mimicry, gestures and smells of this girl which your subconsciousness interprets in own way and gives in a brain a signal it is pleasant or it is not pleasant .

The sharp criticism was undergone bedash dolls not delighted men and from gray mice . Therefore, something is closer to an ideal, average between the first and second. Said about bitchiness and that without it with the woman boringly, about success, about cheerfulness and about sense of humour, that in the girl surely there has to be a highlight

And if to speak seriously, then it is absolutely unimportant what qualities the girl possesses. Each woman - an ideal for some specific man who looks for her. And whether everything is equal, the blonde she or the brunette, sociable and naughty or serious and thoughtful. It is such what is! In my opinion, if you love the person, no details are important. And you choose not in some parameters and as heart will prompt - approximately one of participants of the discussed subject so expressed the thoughts, and I cannot but agree with it. An ideal - a thing changeable, over the years and experience everything changes. Appearance, character, intelligence is only temporary and changeable criteria, internal communication is much more important.

The one who creates to himself an ideal risks to fall in love in the first person who remotely will be similar to this ideal, and will mentally supplement with its nonexistent lines the ideal person. Saw gloss - thought that gold. Therefore do not create to yourself an idol, you love real, living people, all love - not for something, and contrary to everything.