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What is represented by the Special Higher Schools of Germany?

It from Germany foggy

Brought learnings fruits:

Freedom-loving dreams,

Spirit ardent and quite strange,

Always the enthusiastic speech

I curls black to shoulders .

A.S. Pushkin.

Higher educational institutions in Germany are subdivided into Universities (Universitaet) and the Special Higher Schools or the Highest Professional Schools (Fachhochschule). Let`s stop in more detail on the last.

In - the first, It should be noted that all higher education in Germany free (!!) . However, not everyone seeks to receive treasured crust at University or the Higher school. Germans, however, as well as other Europeans, approach a question of choice of profession globally. They do not hurry to gain independence and begin independent life. To storm higher education institutions too there is not everyone, unlike Russia where without the higher education - anywhere.

And if the decision to be admitted to the Higher school is made, then to entrants the following prospects open.

According to the Bachelor program there are, as a rule, several specializations:

business economics

multimedia and communications

economy and engineering

economy and informatics.

Having decided on specialization, the newly made student has to make for himself the plan of training. The program provided studying of a certain quantity of objects for a certain number of years - usually it is 4 years. At desire it is possible to meet also shorter deadline, and it is possible and to drag out process (in case of a repeating an examination, and also on personal circumstances). Thus, the fixed groups and programs do not exist. There is only the minimum and maximum quantity of objects which the student is obliged to study for a semester (depending on School it can vary).

The winter semester begins in October, occupations come to an end before Christmas, and examinations take place in January. The summer semester begins in March and comes to an end with session in July.

One semester is taken away under work practice which can be passed in the homeland or abroad. The student looks for employment options itself, however, always there is an opportunity to involve teaching structure. Usually lectures are given by the professors having or having own business and with extensive communications that is, professionals are practicians.

Lectures are presented in the form of slides. Before a semester the student buys so-called scripts released the teacher. They represent the unpacked slides in this or that subject. Respectively, to summarize lectures there is no reason, everyone only does marks in the scripts. By preparation for examinations or for homeworks additional literature is used.

At lectures the task for work in group often is given. It can be executed right there, within 30 - 40 minutes, or prepares for the following time and is presented in the presentation form.

System of estimation - five-point. 1 - appreciation, it is equivalent to ours 4 3 - everywhere 3 and 4 or 5 - it is not pass grade.

Within the program mass events, such as visit of the operating enterprises, conversation with the management are actively held. Right there is an opportunity to leave the summary with a view to practical training.

At the end of study the thesis is written and examinations are taken.

Both one, and several people can write the diploma, but everyone is obliged to protect the part. The thesis is submitted for consideration to examination committee.

And further, at favorable outcome of the case, the young certified specialist or continues training already in the " program; Master or devotes himself to job searches.