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Than quail eggs are useful?

Quail eggs are very much a valuable dietary product about which advantage knew still in the ancient time. Despite the tiny sizes, these testicles both are tasty, and are nutritious at the same time. And their most important advantage is that they do not cause by-effects even in those people to whom eggs are strictly forbidden. It is possible to indulge with a quail small egg both the child, and the elderly person as they have no contraindications to the use, and still, unlike chicken, in them does not have cholesterol .

The weight of quail egg makes only about 10 g, but it contains a large amount of biologically active agents. High content of vitamins groups B promotes improvement of work of nervous system of the person. Thanks to phosphorus, potassium, iron memory improves. Besides, quail eggs promote development of mental capacities of children. In comparison with egg, one gram of quail contains 2,5 times more vitamin A, almost by 3 times - B1 vitamin and by more than 2 times - B2. Level of phosphorus, potassium and iron in them is also several times higher.

Experts advise to include crude quail eggs in a diet of patients and the weakened children. For example, in Japan eggs of quails are widely applied in baby food. They make positive impact on the children who lagged behind in growth. Meanwhile, special value a miracle - eggs is that they are capable is positive to influence reproductive functions a human body.

One more advantage of quail eggs is their long storage . At the room temperature they remain within a month, and in the refrigerator - till 60 days. These valuable testicles can be eaten in any kind: both crude, and boiled, fried, baked and marinated (as it is pleasant to whom more). They are used for preparation of mayonnaise, omelets, fried eggs, salads etc. It is the most useful quail eggs there is all - crude (for half an hour to food, washing down with water or juice). If this option to you not to taste, then it is possible to add them to porridge, mashed potatoes or soup.

How many it is possible to eat for time?

Despite unconditional advantage of quail eggs, all - it is not necessary to abuse them. Depending on your age, weight, body weight etc., it is necessary to remember also rationality in the use of eggs. According to nutritionists, the child of 1 year to 3 - x years should not give more than two testicles a day. From 3 - x to 10 - ti years 3 eggs, to 18 - ti - 4 pieces are allowed years. People to 50 - ti can eat years 5 - 6, and that to whom already for fifty, it is better to be limited 4 - mya.

And finally, friends, I want to share the simple and useful recipe of salad with quail testicles .

It will be required to us:

of 10 - 12 quail eggs,

of 2 boiled potatoes,

of 100 g of sausage, ham or smoked chicken,

2 pickles (the average size),

of bank of tinned green peas,

salt - to taste,

fennel, parsley, cilantro etc. (any fresh greens),

a mayonnaise pack (it is better on quail eggs, but in general any will fit) or

a glass of sour cream. Both that, and another will approach (on the fan). My husband does not eat sour cream therefore I use only mayonnaise. It turns out tasty!

We prepare:

1. We cut eggs, potato, ham, cucumbers in small cubes.

2. We add green peas.

3. We dress with mayonnaise or sour cream.

4. From above we strew salad with greens and grated cheese.

All bon appetit! Health to you and your relatives!