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How to grow up plants in a hotbed? The Spring imperceptibly comes

into the own Not far off and summer season. In all regions it begins at different times, but each summer resident, the gardener and the gardener - to the fan will not be prevented by useful information about greenhouse business already now. A good hotbed - pledge of an early and good harvest. And if to make it in due form then and to worry there is nothing

On a note:

the Hotbed is the closed construction: a bed with glass or film removable frames for cultivation of early seedling, seedlings, rooting of shanks or growing of pottery plants.

the Greenhouse - the soil site (glazed, under a film, under a roof etc.) on the Earth`s surface for year-round cultivation or a vygonka of plants with heating use. Usually in greenhouses thermophilic or flower plants for a vygonka on cut are grown up in the winter. Advantage of the greenhouse is that it can be used all the year round while the hotbed is necessary only during a summer season (in the spring, in the summer and partially in the fall).

of the Subtlety of greenhouse business:

1. Soil. by

Choosing the place for future hotbed, it is necessary to remember that usually it have on South side of a site. Before starting preparation of a framework, it is necessary to make small deepening in the basis (about 50 - 75 cm).

In 10 - 15 days prior to laying of fertilizers in a hotbed biofuel should be mixed that it was better warmed. As fertilizers it is possible to use usual manure or sawdust mixed with soil. This mix is stacked a loose coating in 40 - 45 cm, slightly condensing with a pitchfork. You should not trample down at all manure as, densely laid, it badly heats up to an idazha cools down.

In the middle of a hotbed in manure do a longitudinal flute of 10 - 15 cm in depth and (manure) 30 cm of Biotoplivo wide it is possible to strew with ashes, and through couple of day after that on it fill the soil.

2. Framework.

it is done of usual wooden boards, and then fitted a film. The sizes can be chosen any (for example, 2,5 m in length and 1 m width, height of 40 - 80 cm from the earth).

Boards of the necessary length are connected to the help of nails cross-pieces, the triangular trench turns out. A film it is fixed by ordinary buttons. Edges of a film come for others on 8 - 10 cm. Instead of a film it is possible to use the glazed frames. The frame sizes very standard - 106 by 160 cm. A tilt angle - 30 degrees.

By the way, such hotbeds get warm better, and in them it is much less moisture. Only with glass it is necessary to be very careful, it is fragile. What for you more convenient and is more practical, solve

3. Leaving.

Seedling needs to be landed in couple of days after full preparation of the soil when the earth enough gets warm. Depending on length of a lash and precocity of a fruit we land on square meter from 6 to 12 cucumber sprouts (plus on one spare on a death case) or 2 - 4 saplings of tomatoes. Early can be placed and is more often.

We water seedling with warm water (only at the roots!) 1 - 2 times a week. Remember that at decrease in humidity of the soil lower than 70% appear bitterness in fruits of cucumbers, and here tomatoes love the increased humidity. But to you it is not necessary and to fill in too plentifully it as it threatens with emergence black leg .

The hotbed should be aired daily, lifting a frame on a prop (on various height depending on weather). In too cold and windy day you should not open a hotbed not to ruin a plant.

It is necessary to feed up plants every 10 - 12 days. The following mix suits for top dressing: solution 1:12 of a chicken dung, dung water 1:6, feltwort 1:8. It is possible to use these fertilizers and separately, it is desirable - prior to fructification. Optimum temperature of the soil during the entire period of cultivation has to be not lower than +20 - ti and not higher than +24 - x degrees.

Let weather pleases you, and the harvest will be rich! Successful summer season, friends!