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Flu: what truth that fiction?

All of us are ill, and most often catarrhal diseases. How here to avoid flu about which there was a set of the myths and stereotypes quite often so hazardous to health?

For people with strong immunity flu is not terrible

Is valid, there are people who have no flu. It is caused by so-called genetic stability. It is present at the person since the birth. But at once it is necessary to tell that such stability meets very seldom. Most often there is a risk of infection with flu, and here the immune status does not play any role. The person can practically not be ill and not catch a cold, but it is not a guarantee that the next flu epidemic will avoid him. Therefore doctors recommend prevention of flu to one and all.

To treat flu it is useless - itself will pass

As they say, Without treatment flu lasts week, with treatment - seven days . In it there is a grain of truth: if not to begin therapy in time, then flu it is possible not to treat at all - the result will not be. Judge: we begin to accept preparations when it becomes absolutely bad: temperature keeps several days, and from - for weaknesses it is impossible to tear off the head from a pillow. At me at work one girl comes to office even is able not standings and the director persuades her to go home. It is especially important to prevent development of flu. The sharpest phase of this illness is observed in the first days after infection. The person is disturbed by only insignificant symptoms, but here then - that and it is necessary to begin treatment. In this case it is possible to interrupt an illness, without having allowed it to develop and to minimize probability of complications.

Antibiotics at flu will never prevent

needs to take Any medicine only under control of the doctor. At flu complex treatment, generally symptomatic is appointed, and antibiotics are necessary at development of complications and is strict according to the ordered scheme.

The inoculation will save from flu

Many are sure that after an inoculation it is impossible to ache with flu. Actually it not so: the risk of infection remains, but it is much less. In this case a part is played by vaccine type, each of them gives the percentage guarantee to safety. But it averages not less than 80 - 90%.

If there is temperature, she needs to be hit immediately

Such installation is very harmful, and in recent years many realize it. Though not all can keep themselves from desire to accept a shock dose of febrifugal. And it would be necessary. The increased temperature is no other than the protective reaction of an organism directed to killing causative agents of an infection. So, the course of disease is facilitated. Another thing is that many badly transfer this process. In that case febrifugal it is necessary to accept, but if temperature not lower than 37,5 - 37,6 degrees.

Vitamins will rescue from flu

Nobody argues, vitamins - it is remarkable, but they will not rescue from flu. Complex therapy which includes both antiviral drugs, and vitamins will become the way out.

The longer you are in the fresh air, the Statement not in everything true because on the street we meet many people which, quite possibly, have flu is less risk to catch flu

. Another thing is that in the fresh air the risk of infection is rather low. It increases in hundreds of times in the enclosed space where a lot of people gather.

So good luck also do not sneeze!