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Civil marriage - the myth or reality?

Of course reality, will be told by you. Now many couples prefer to live quite so. It is less duties, free communication. There is no binding, there is no catch. There has to pass considerable time to understand and whether you suit one another. If is not present - search continues. And so can reach indefinitely.

What attracts people to such relations. Probably not only permission from society. And it by the way even tries to support such couples. Only in couples them to call very difficult. Here present how you the will present to distant acquaintances the partner? My girl (guy), my friend (friend), my wife (husband)? Whether bothered to be false. If you cannot accurately call the satellite (companion), then you were not defined yet. And put yourself to the place of the acquaintance as to him to perceive your passion. It is not unambiguous enough.

It was simpler earlier when marriage was one of the main concepts of our life. The introduction in it created a separate cell if strong, then and society only benefited from it. Of course, not everything always develops smoothly, as if there was a wish for that, but the fact remains.

As grooms in strict suits as brides in gentle dresses are charming are good. The type of a marriage ceremony raises a pleasant smile. And there is always a wish to tell parting words for new couple. Whether it is only worth speaking? They are already adult if could make such crucial decision. And to them as the adult, it is necessary to be responsible for the acts. So it turns out - it is necessary to mature. It is necessary becomes independent and to establish the family. And to live with the ups and downs, to together overcome difficulties, together seeks to improve the life, and the relations.

Together. What remarkable word. And unless in a civil marriage from it equal the rights gives us it too? Probably not. In it all in a different way, absolutely other views, absolutely other principles. Anybody has no confidence in tomorrow. Nobody can give a guarantee that the phrase of the " type; time will tell will not turn in excuse - we do not approach . There are, of course, and here exceptions. There are couples which maintain the similar relations rather long time, sometimes and the whole life. And everything at them develops and everything at them is got on. But it is a pity, there is not a lot of them. The bulk convulsively tries to understand the desires. And excuses concerning work, lack of money (of course, it is much important), the residence are sometimes inappropriate. If there is a desire to keep the half, then any excuses will be rejected. If there is no desire then no arrangements and arguments will help.

There is a lot of supporters and opponents. Here as in the war. There are also weak, there are also strengths. There are winners, there are losers. But nevertheless the bulk of women dreams of a marriage and vice versa the stronger sex, does not show special eagerness. And so to what we came. To war of floors. Women on one party, men on another. As on barricades, one attack, others are protected. And we want that in the world there was a world. A tautology of course, but this approach to reality. How to find to men and women golden mean, will meet not on this or that party? And to marry. And let this word is associated with marriage of details, for example, but how not to become such rejected detail.

Wedding. Ponder upon this word. A combination of two small worlds, for creation of the big world. With the laws and rules. With the charter. With the small island where there are only two. He and she. She and he. To live for each other. To supplement each other. To respect each other. It is also a legal marriage. And if we adhere to such concepts, then the concept a civil marriage will already not be actual.

So, couples, choose what marriage for you is not a break of soul and understanding. And improvement of own personality together with development and improvement of the personality nearby. And anyway. Live for the sake of each other. That couple was always addition and support. Be filled with harmony. You love and be loved.