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Magic of the word?

we learn to Talk and pronounce words from early age. Only pronouncing this or that word, very seldom the person thinks of its true value. And it is valid why the word can sometimes cure, and sometimes wound. The people owning gift of belief are called ritor, and sometimes speakers. And though root to shout it is not obligatory to shout at all. The soft and quiet pronunciation is capable to achieve big results.

The most important to be able to listen to the interlocutor. Attentiveness will help to find arguments in favor of itself. Know many that communication takes place in two levels - nonverbal and verbal. The first without words, includes a body pose, the movement, a mimicry, a timbre, intonation, a breath rhythm. The opinion on the stranger develops in the first 30 seconds of communication, and it is unimportant whether he speaks in general. It is very difficult to change the first impression. You have no second chance to make the first impression.

And further there is a magic of words. Emotionally - a power cover of this or that word, are perceived earlier, than its sense. This magic is sometimes terrible because it creates automatic reactions in the person, it is not important to think at all, it is easier to go on the blazed ways. The conceiving person to be much more difficultly, than can seem.

There is a statement: In the beginning there was a word - and it is also a verbal turn which is very often used by skilled fortunetellers, psychologists, sales managers. Such equipment is called run-around. To jump over the main thing from one subject on another, confidentially asking: you understand, huh? or truth? . The head of the interlocutor goes around, and he agrees that everything did not repeat since the beginning. And when at dialogue also gestures participate, it is possible to sustain a session no more than 5 minutes. Powerful information overloads acoustical, visual, and touches - kinesteticheskiya. What needs to be done? To interrupt a template. I.e., for example, on the given hand for handshake to answer with drawing of your hand too and it is obligatory to detain, without having finished the begun process. Confusion is also a rupture of a habitual template.

The fact that in conversation to apply a particle not it is necessary as seldom as possible, heard many. She subconsciously pays attention of the interlocutor just that you do not want. It is better to use strategy: tell and! . I.e. to state to the person several statements with which he will agree, surely considering its emotional state at that time.

There are two more interesting technicians: the choice without the choice and assumption . Typical turns: before , before , when , after etc. For example: Darling, as you think, to buy me this chain or to take those ear rings - all the issue of purchase is resolved.

That all technicians acted it is necessary to practice constantly. Only in that case you will become the real master of effective communication.

And finally, it is not obligatory to pronounce words, sometimes we write them on paper. And so, going to work, try not to write in the questionnaire of the following words: always, dreadful, bad, wine not to take out, a mistake, never, anything, panic, problems And here use of such words as: achievements, active, influence, experience, the proof, developed, individual, was engaged, planning, skills of replacement have to bring notable result. In any case, this principle of ten the British academicians and as it will help you calculated, only you also will know. So think and you learn to speak beautifully. Our speech is one from fine that pulls together and does kinder.