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Whom was legendary Freddie Mercury? (Part 4, final)

in the Cold February morning when Freddie Mercury appeared in television studio in Wembley to begin work on video to the single Im Going Slightly Mad the film crew was shocked. From former gladkolitsy, brawny Freddie nothing remained. He more resembled the ghost of himself. The clothes hung on it, se - a swarm the face was covered with spots.

He needed to live nine months. The staff of studio was warned that shootings will be often interrupted and be transferred, however the word AIDS it was not said. Told only that Mercury has a problem with a knee.

Mercury noticed to someone from a film crew: I will have a rest from time to time to lower load of a knee . In his make-up room put a bed, and two bodyguards outside were on duty.

of Shooting proceeded three days. And though concerning Freddie`s indisposition more nothing was officially told, some from being present knew that it is not a knee. One TV man told me: Many of my friends died of AIDS. Shortly before death they looked very probably. It was sick to look at Mercury. All this history with a knee was quite transparent. In one scene he kneelt. Not to make it with a sore knee .

Mercury`s face was covered with a thick layer of a make-up, and the head was covered by a huge black wig. Somehow to hide leanness, under a suit he put on an undershirt with long sleeves. None of the looking videos would be surprised, the group always dressed up strange especially as the madness was the main subject of a song.

Five years Freddie Mercury lived with thought that he is sick with AIDS. He declared it publicly only one day before death. Having convinced that it has AIDS, Mercury became very careful and shared this terrible secret with some closest friends.

It was such big secret that even other members of group learned about an illness only several months prior to death. Brian Mai spoke: It was a personal record of Freddie. Instinctively we knew - something occurs, but it was not told about it. He lived with it very long and told us when it had only several months .

Mai and Taylor broke the silence about Mercury`s illness, having acted in the morning television program. Mai spoke: Freddie made the decision to tell about the illness. It would be very easy to change the posthumous diagnosis to pneumonia, and Freddie knew it. But nevertheless he told: I have to make it. There is nothing to hesitate, there is no shame .

But if Mercury`s fans learned that he has AIDS, only on the eve of his death, in the world of show - business rumors about an illness circulated for years. Even in an onset of the illness when Mercury looked quite normally, mafia of show - business felt that something not as it should be. Eventually the singer preferred not to appear in public. It was where as it is strange for the person who could not live without parties!

Freddie made the statement to stop rumors. He did not suspect that he will die so soon. It was very bold statement, but it was solved because felt need of such step. He did everything independently and itself wrote this application. Freddie paid attention to danger of AIDS long before learned that it is sick. He participated in a charity concert in favor of da Terrence Higgins`s background in April, 1988.

Magic Johnson, a legendary star of the American basketball, declared on television that he is the carrier of the AIDS virus and is going to create fund for fight against this illness. Mercury and his friends considered that the large contribution to this fund will be worthy use of money Queen . On November 26, in two days prior to death, announced Mercury`s will. Roger Taylor, Brian May and John Dickon instructed to republish Bohemian rhapsody . They declared that all funds from sale of a plate in England will be allocated in Terrence Higgins`s fund, the money received from realization of a disk in America will go to Magic Johnson`s fund. John Bich, manager Queen declared:

We hope that, having connected forces to Magic, we will establish connection between music and sport. It will help us - as well as Freddie dreamed - to understand that the problem of AIDS concerns everyone .

One of the most famous journalists - paparazzi who photographed Freddie some days before death admitted that he is not sure whether he has the right to publish these pictures. Then for Mercury it was already indifferent journalists hunt for him or not. It left the house in a usual t-shirt and old jeans, on the street already nobody recognized him. It was only the shadow of the person, incredibly thin gray face of Freddie a little than reminded a face of the living person - the journalist admitted. Freddie`s

was not afraid of death and of the interviews said in one: If I am fated to die tomorrow, I will not regret. I really made everything that I could .

Freddie was fatally sick. He hid this terrible secret 5 years.

the Last two years of life of Mercury awfully suffered, he could not eat and was forced to accept strong anesthetics. The last weeks he hardly spoke and badly saw, his gray and iznemozhenny face reminded nothing that Freddie Mercury who was known thousands of pictures. He labored for breath and any more recognized nobody.

Before a smart mansion of Freddie, in prestigious London district Kensington, gathered, waiting for a tragic outcome, crowd of fans and journalists. The final came quicker, than it was expected: Mercury`s friends hoped that he will live some more days. Even his parents Dzher and Bomi Balsara living in the suburb of London did not manage to arrive

Now it lay, covered with white silk sheets, under a canopy of a huge bed, among favourite Persian cats, in one of the bedrooms occupying almost all third floor. Now, at last, it remained one, and his soul found rest. The closest friends who carried out here near it, several last weeks, - Elton John, a disk - the jockey Kenny Everett, fate - an idol Dave Clark who held it by a hand, and other musicians " left; Queen . The long love of Mercury, Mary Austen, kissed him, and, having burst out crying, ran out from a mansion.

Mercury`s admirers lost the idol, Clark lost the friend: It was as a rare picture which cannot be repeated .

At eight in the evening on November 24, on Saturday, Freddie Mercury`s life ended, he was 45 years old. It was the end of a legend

About death of the great actor were reported at midnight in the short message: Freddie Mercury quietly died this evening in the house. His death was caused by the pneumonia provoked by AIDS .

On materials of the book of Ric Skaya Freddie Mercury

According to Ric Skaya`s book Freddie Mercury