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What to do before examination?

Alarm and nervousness before examination - the phenomenon known almost everything. But nervousness happens a miscellaneous. It will mobilize one, brings others to a panic state. To reduce the level of alarm and nervousness at examination, it is possible to use the receptions of a self-mood and auto-training following .

1. Self-order or reception frontal attack . By means of specially picked up verbal formulas which are said with feeling of anger you have to formulate the relation to examination.

2. Several times a day repeat the word or several words which cause a disturbing state: examination ticket teacher . This reception needs to be used until the word does not cease to be associated with a condition of alarm.

3. Inclusion. Ask more skilled or senior friends to tell about all horrors them sessions or delivery of school examinations. If the person observes and endures drama situations of other people, heavier, than its, he begins to look at own difficulties differently.

4. If misfortunes other people for you are too abstract, take yourself for the rule to calm before examination of the companion or the girlfriend.

How to remember what you read? First of all, it is necessary to be the quietest. Otherwise it will be heavy to you to concentrate. Read attentively! Better with a pencil in hands: note important provisions, key ideas, expressions which you would like to remember.

To remember meaning of the text which seems too difficult try the next way: attentively read each phrase and rewrite it on the of manners, in the style, it is whenever possible simpler even if it is verbose. During repeated reading own text you with surprise find out that not so difficult meaning of the text. Repetition before going to bed or in the morning right after awakening - the most effective classical way of storing. Here it is only necessary to develop the schedule of repetitions of read.

What to put on examination? Meet, as we know, on clothes. Therefore take care of that your appearance did not frighten and did not shock examiners. Young ladies are recommended to erase from nails a green varnish in advance and to hide in a case till the best times the undershirt which is seductively slightly opening the pierced navel. Give preference to more modest options: classical jeans or trousers, skirt of average length, light blouse or sweater, accurate hairdress. To males it is strictly forbidden to appear at examination in the worn-out sneakers and an undershirt with the inscription Metallica or The Punk did not die! carelessly covering threadbare and not absolutely pure jeans. What then to put on? Suit, light shirt, trousers or jeans (pure and neutral tones), the polished boots.

If you trust in signs , do not change the habits. Put the copper five-copeck coin helping still your grandmother under a heel run away from black cats and people with empty buckets, cross an audience threshold from the right leg, pull the ticket blindly the left hand etc. The main destination of they are to give you confidence and tranquility at the responsible moment.

In general game pass examination it is unpredictable. Nobody is insured from accidents. From generation to generation pass a story about how round excellent students filled up apparently, simple examinations, but not quite sober persons handed over everything on 5 (or 12 - depending on system of estimation).

Anyway - do not lose self-control! Also you remember: in total to the best!