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How to escape from the burning house?

Now, dear readers and colleagues, to you it will be sensible it is explained what needs to be done to escape during the fire.

So if you by nonsense and oversight leave the smoldering cigarette on a bed, or you will thrust the maximum number of electric devices in a network, or you will just forget to get from an oven and to eat the chicken who is fried there, in your house for certain something will light up.

If it, God forbid, happens, then do not try to be engaged in noble suppression of fire independently (except those cases when it can be stopped at the most initial stage). It is not necessary to rush also in a hysterics to phone and to call firefighters, - at first leave the burning territory and densely close behind yourself a door. Only after that call firefighters and report about the fire to neighbors (if they did not see it yet or did not smell) that also they had an opportunity in time to be evacuated.

If the fire already expanded almost on all apartment, and on the way to an exit to you the closed door meets, touch it the palm back. If a door hot, do not open it, and quickly stop up a crack under it rags (also your favourite jeans, even if they on you will approach). As if silly it looked at such dangerous moment, it is necessary to make it. The statistics claims that 5 of 7 death during the fire come not from combustion, and from asthma.

If a smoke everything is managed to fill the room in which you are, move to a window. And, it is better to do it on all fours - the smoke and heat have tendency to rise up therefore below it will be easier for you to breathe. Do not forget that it is possible to open a window only indoors with densely closed doors where there is no fire, otherwise it will inflame stronger.

Having reached a window, begin to call to the aid and to ask passersby to call firefighters (even if you managed to make it by phone). If fire absolutely nearby, and other exit from the room is completely blocked, be adjusted on the fact that it is necessary to escape anyway through a window. Throw out from it more pillows, blankets, other soft things which could soften your falling. Before jumping, hang from outer side of a window on outstretched arms as much as possible to reduce height from which you should fall. Try to hold on as it is possible longer to wait for fire help, especially if you are above the third floor. Ropes and sheets connected together can approach too, but only if you are sure that they are strong attached and will be able to sustain your weight.

If the situation is so bad that at your disposal there is no window even or the floor is too high for risk hanging on hands, then it is necessary only to be wrapped with the head in a dense blanket (it would be good to pour before it and itself, and a blanket water) and to make the way quickly in it towards the next exit.

Here, actually, and everything that I can advise. If you do not begin to fuss, and will concentrate and execute at least part of the offered councils, then to you no fires are terrible.