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Whom was legendary Freddie Mercury? (Part 2) of

Their career began in corridors London the Imperial - college where the student physicist Brian May decided to create fate - group. Joined it the former student - the stomatologist Roger Taylor and the student of faculty of arts Tim Staffell who made " group; Smile .

- music the group made the first confident steps in fate in 1965. They signed the contract with small American firm for release of one single. The same year Smile held the first series of concerts in colleges and clubs of England. Till 1979 in group it was replaced six a bass - guitarists until John Dickon came to it. The group had a new name Queen ( Queen ) - thought up by Mercury. He so explained the choice: This simple name, but it very majestic and well sounds. It is unambiguous, and it is difficult to confuse it with something .

was soon signed the contract with EMI for production, replication and management of group. Now, at last, Queen were on a glory threshold.

Their first single Keep Yourself Alive did not let out in air on radio, the debut album underwent criticism too and actually came to grief, but children were not going to give up.

Though Freddie was, undoubtedly, the most outstanding in group (he is the author of the majority of compositions Queen including well-known Bohemian Rhapsody Love Of My Life We Are The Champions it possessed a leading role in formation of the musical concept of group, thanks to his virtuosity and energy of performance Queen turned into grandiose shows), all - Queen - this is not one Mercury. Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Dickon were very outstanding personalities, and talented musicians, they were an integral part of ensemble.

Mercury was not only the brilliant musician, but also the excellent actor. He differed in impatience and in everything tried to achieve perfection. The name - Mercury (Mercury) as it really was very mobile was not casual at it! As the actor it gave all the best completely, was very plastic, perfectly owned a body. Other its line - perfect time sense. He was self-assured and knew a way to success. He possessed explosive character and did not hide impatience if that it was impossible " at once; - Hodges remembers.

The key to success of the group, for twenty years reigning at fate top was in a musical versatility. They played a hard - fate on an equal basis with any team of style of a heva - threw. Equally well they played the disco - Another One Bites The Dust Under Pressure . They created surprising futuristic sounds as, for example, Radio Ga Ga and gentle fate - ballads it seems It`s A King Of Magic or posthumous The Are The Days Of Our Lives - one of the most touching songs of group.

After emergence in 1975 of a fatal plate A Night At The Opera the world of the opera did not doubt greatness of this group any more. A basis of an album was Bohemian rhapsody - the most vanguard and fascinating work in a fate genre. This song kept at top of national lists within nine weeks and was it is beaten only Bryan Adams`s song Everything I Do I Do It For You only many years later, when Freddie fought for life.

Album A Night At The Opera made revolution and in production of musical video clips. There was it absolutely incidentally

the Group did not manage to register for Top Of The Pops - the most popular program on television, and Queen asked the director Bruce Govers to shoot the advertizing movie in which the group would execute one of the songs. It was clip on the song Bohemian rhapsody which set fashion on the new current in fate - business. Since then video became an integral part of creativity of groups: from now on for each new song which marked at hits shot the video.

Each new album Quinn increased army of admirers. They liked continuous transformations of idols. During popularity peak club of fans Queen only in Britain totaled more than forty eight thousand members.

Mercury though was the most extravagant star of fate, in comparison with it Elton John seemed just innocent grammar-school girl, however, when the speech came about something intimate, became unapproachable and closed. Possessing language keen as a razor, Freddie never bared soul. Freddie`s

was epatazhen throughout all life. In September, 1976 - go Queen gave a concert in London the Guide - park. Mercury appeared before 150 - thousand audience in the fitting silver body stockings with a section to a belt and with a black varnish on nails. In February I977 - go public in a nu - York Madison of a skve of the garden could not stop delight when in Mercury`s final it was exposed to pants.

Tours of 1986 were the most impressive. At 6 concerts across all Europe more than one million viewers and 400 thousand - visited Britain. Mercury was on the ball, at full regalia: darkly - the red cloak trimmed with an ermine and the crown inlaid with stones. Regular artist Queen Dayana Mosli says that the cloak weighed 20 pounds and was made of 14 meters of the red velvet trimmed with fur, gold and sheathed by silk. Mosli called it coronation cloak of Napoleon . It cost 1500 pounds.

In June, 1986 - go in sports park of Mannheim (Germany) Mercury once again confirmed that it is really fate - the king whose will is tremblingly executed by the admirers adoring it. He conducted the chorus from eighty thousand Germans executing the British national anthem. Later, on Wembley even more fascinating show was developed. Mercury dressed in the Olympian`s suit, having overcome two flights of stairs, lit a huge torch against which in the sky huge inflatable dolls flew up.

In group not always everything was smooth, four strong personalities could not but just clash, but, despite internal squabbles, the group continued to exist. For all musical career Queen 19 albums were let out. Before Mercury died, its participants were together 20 years.

On materials of the book of Ric Skaya Freddie Mercury