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Whether robots will become true friends of the person?

Robotics promptly develop around the world. Electronic options of animals and insects are generally modelled.

In investigation different types of the flying electronic insects are very widely applied. In the USA, for example, one of scientists of Berkeley university Ron Firing, created the flying fly - the robot is powerful only 43 milligrams! With such small weight and diminutiveness in it the video camera is still built in.

And who does not know a legendary Japanese dog - the Aido robot of Sony corporation. With the advent of this robot the fashion on home robots - " actually began; friends . In puppy it is built-in 64 - the bit processor, and still he is able to remember commands by means of electronic memory for a flash - the card. Other robot - the puppy, the English company RoboScience, the RS model - 01 is able to execute about 60 voice commands, has the Windows operating system, and also Internet access, by means of the built-in Wi technology - Fi. 60 - the centimetric anthropomorphous Robosapien V2 robot is able to play bowling, distinguishes colors and operates the robot - a dinosaur of Roboraptor. Small fishes - robots of different types imitate behavior of the real small fishes, with them it is possible to play fishing.

You remember Steven Spielberg`s movie Artificial reason there was a unique robot - the boy by the name of David, it possessed properties which were not given to ordinary robots - he was able to love. Whether it is possible to create such android? To cars is not allowed to love.

However despite everything, exactly dealt with such problem many scientists from the different countries. Most actively the Japanese researchers work on it. Generally speaking, the majority of highly intellectual robots were assembled in Japan. Remember the robot - the android of Asimo who was let out by Honda corporation - it is, probably, the most expensive robot in the world. He understands human gestures and can offer a hand at a meeting, is able to go, understands the speech of the person and is able to turn the head towards speaking.

Of course, and the Russian scientists did not stand aside in this question. We have the androids released Petersburg firm " too; New Hera . The android - the man by the name of Arneo and the android - the woman by the name of Arnea. They understand about 40 voice commands and are able to move not worse than overseas robots.

Theoretically the robot can endure the person on several hundreds of years, and even it is more, under a condition, of course, that materials of which it will be made will be heavy-duty. The robot does not need food, air, a dream, rest, it can work round the clock, without testing at the same time fatigue. The only thing that it is necessary for it - a constant power source, recharge which will prolong his life. In it, of course there is also the main shortcoming such beings .

In our modern, constantly developing world, such robots can take some place, but I think, it will occur not so soon as it would be desirable. Because that they gained distribution, the ideal power source working a long time is necessary, and at the moment there is no such source, and soon will hardly appear. So, robotics still to develop and develop, and to us to watch how there will be new more and more perfect robots which in the future will become for us irreplaceable assistants and friends.