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How to wake up early in the morning? Councils for those who like to have a sleep till a lunch...

O - about! How awfully to wake up early in the morning. Here to have a sleep a little more, well though an hour, and it is better two! But will - bondage it is necessary to get out of a lukewarm bed and to make the way to the touch to a bathroom. Having woken up and having washed ice water, you face someone`s physiognomy: Really it I?!

But here you remember that there is no time to think already, and, having quickly gathered, you jump in boots. You run on a landing down, stumbling about not tied laces. And still brains, wadded from a dream, you try to think: On what bus to get? Yes what difference! You Sit down in first and you go.

Faugh - f! In time . You run in office, you recognize the by a heap of papers beloved workplace. You sit down to a table and you fall asleep!

It, of course, is good until the chief comes and will not wake you we howl a wild siren. Yes - and, at such noise you will not have a sleep!

But what to do if so there is a wish to have a sleep, and it is necessary to go to work? You will tell, a bit earlier to lay down? It is easy to tell that - And if I owl well owls cannot go to bed early. Here it is better to approach on the other hand.

Always to get enough sleep, it will be most correct to put an alarm clock on one and too time and not to disconnect it for the weekend. Then you so will get used that you soon will even wake up without effort slightly earlier the alarm clock.

And still I put an alarm clock for half an hour before that time when I have to wake up. You represent what high: the alarm clock will ring out, and still whole half an hour it is possible to doze. If there is no confidence that in thirty minutes you will wake up, then it is better to include function of a repeated call just in case.

So, provalyavshis a half-hour, we open eyes. But - no, by no means - we do not jump out from - under warm blankets. The matter is that in order that our brain earned, it needs 15 minutes for loadings of all the " systems;.

And we, without wasting this time, we will do exercises. But not with squats and turns of a trunk, and special for which it is not necessary to get out of a soft bed at all.

The first. In order that our brain woke up quicker, it is the best of all to yawn with all the heart as when we yawn, more oxygen comes to a brain.

The second. we Will do exercises for eyes, they should work the whole day. Without turning the head, we will look on the parties: let`s examine the room, we will look in a window, at a ceiling, at walls etc. of

Third. Having examined the room, and, naturally, without having seen anything new, we will pass to the most pleasant: to a pandiculation.

Having finished charging, we creep out from - under warm blankets. It is possible to jump out at once and to pull on itself something warm, and it is possible to extend from a blanket at first heels, then handles and gradually to get out most. It as to you is more convenient!

We pass to water procedures. But we do not torment ourselves favourite by washing with cold water at all. Too it is cruel! It is better to adjust slightly warm water in the crane, and after washing to blot a face with a napkin or a towel. Cheer up surely. And it is the best of all to wash mineral water, only not from the refrigerator and without gases. It is very useful for face skin.

Well and, of course, if time allows, we take a pleasant summer shower. Do not forget about teeth.

Breakfast! All of us know a proverb: Eat the Breakfast itself, share a lunch with the companion... , but very few people prefer to it to follow from us: that there is not enough time, it is better to leave it for a dream; that does not climb in the morning in a mouth for want of habit food. Well, it is necessary to be accustomed, it is only first so heavy! It is not necessary to weld on full pans of food at all to fill itself with energy for all day of work, it is enough to bungle a light breakfast.

Matins of a cup of coffee I advise fans in the morning to drink green tea. It also refreshes and encourages, but unlike coffee normalizes arterial pressure.

And quicker to gather, it is desirable to prepare all things since evening. Now, full of cheerfulness, we can go to work.

Good luck to you! I hope that now you without effort will be able to wake up with sunrise!