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How cats love each other?

About a cat often speak as about a symbol of marital infidelity, about cats - as about sexual maniacs. But actually the range of the love relations in the cat`s environment is very wide - from cruel manifestations to romantic love.

Experts claim that the love relations among these nice pets look so. The greatest part of time is occupied by courting process while sexual intercourse is very short and in most cases takes place unsuccessfully.

As soon as the cat leaves on free the territory, it immediately begins to attract many males with the smell and appeals. After short usual threats cats - rivals settle down on a certain removal from a female. Providing to it to make a choice.

The cat continues to provoke them, but take care the one who will dare to show impatience at this moment and to her - she will immediately use claws and teeth. This behavior does not hold other cats on the place, and one by one they try to approach a cat who steadily fights back them.

In the most advantageous position there is the most reserved (cunning?) cat. He uses each new fight with the next applicant imperceptibly to creep up as it is possible closer to object of the attention. Not to irritate a cat, it stiffens in a pose of the total indifference every time when the female stops on it the look. At last he is near and publishes questioning silent meow . If in response to it the cat does not receive contemptuous hissing, the party can be considered won.

And if the cat quietly waits, lying on paws and having cast away a tail aside, the happy elect understands such sign as the invitation to the act of love. The last begins with the fact that the cat snaps at the girlfriend for a nape and seeks to hold it more strong. The love act is, as a rule, very short and sometimes comes to an end with fight. The cat suddenly begins the evil to purr, turns over on a back and sticks claws into a muzzle of the elect to whom nothing remains how somewhat quicker to be on the lam.

To biologists long time was not possible to solve the reason of such behavior. Now it is known. The matter is that the penis of a cat is covered with sharp prickly outgrowths. They as if jags at an arrow, easily get in a cat, but finish and cause severe pain in attempt exit . This pain also causes sharp irritation of a cat, and at the same time and process of an ovulation. Ovulations occur at each copulation, and the cat in one dung can have kittens from different fathers.

The period of pregnancy lasts from 58 to 64 days, within 20 days the cat is engaged only in the kids, and then she indulges in love affairs again, declaring it a peculiar shout. As a rule, it is enough one such shout that on it all cats in the district ran together.

As there is time, cats are interested less in a cat, it becomes more difficult for them to find the partner. Roles completely change. Now she does not frighten off boyfriends, and takes great pain to attract them: shouts, purring, smell. At last, the time and the last love comes. Shouts of a cat become plaintively hoarse and do not attract anybody any more.

Quite right the fact that cats spend considerable part of time for love affairs. In general, they are unfortunate and are not dexterous in the love delivering to them it is a lot of sufferings. Perhaps, that tenderness which they show to people that caress which they with pleasure accept from the owners compensate them their sufferings. To it here to conclusions after serious supervision the French scientists came.