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What is modern and Soviet fast - foot of

the Name fast - foot seemingly now it is clear even to those who did not learn English, are fast food but it covers the dishes different in technology of preparation, expenses, a way of their consumption.

Of course, first of all are the American jotas - mastiffs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, Big Macs, " potatoes; fr and even ice cream, as in McDonald`s and also the cook - a stake and coffee. Fast - the foot as ethnic cuisine of the USA extended nearly worldwide. Makovskaya technology: superbystro, a minimum of expenses and the American standard it is copied from the Ford conveyor. No whims, any variety, and any tea as it has to be fresh but stand as coffee all day on a food warmer.

Popular in America is also fast Chinese food which can be taken home in special cardboard boxes and the Italian pizza. We see all this in the Hollywood movies.

These dishes differ in way of consumption of food. Makovskiye products it is necessary to eat indoors. In recent years it was fashionable to go in Russia and Ukraine families or the companies in MD . Though from there it was possible unfinished to take away home. So French do even in elite To the Maxim . Ours new Russians and former beggars Soviet do not consider themselves as hairsplitters and therefore consider shameful to select scraps .

the Chinese dishes can be taken home, but you will not hold them in one hand as jotas - a mastiff who it is possible to eat right there on the street. So it fast - foot ?

Quickly cooked and street food was always and in each kitchen, now just American word confuses.

In the Union was not separate definition for such products. Everything then was called public catering . In the manner of jotas - mastiffs were toshnotik (in national language), that is pies with a liver for 4 kopeks, the underbaked belyashes and cutlets in pastry. 2 toshnotika and a beer glass - a standard set of the student of those times for only 30 kopeks.

Existed in Soviet period and institutions under the sour name Cookery where the standard set also practiced: 100 g of vodka, cutlet, stewed cabbage with the specific smell or vinaigrette, a chunk of bread and a teaspoon of mustard. Service is instant as suffering buyers prepared money without delivery not to detain the same unfortunate. same

B Cookeries it was possible to take home, both cabbage, and different salads, and fried fish, and even to ask that cutlets were flavored with mustard. Than not the Chinese service! Unless sticks were not given.

Even a recent counter in Ukraine " pancakes; Blinka - too uses technology of the conveyor and MD : standard pancake costs about five rubles, but without fillers it is not sold, and with them - already 10. So far you eat it as speak, without departing from cash desk it seems, and tasty, but in an hour cold and rigid dough gives thickeners and fragrances. Sovkovskiye toshnotik were more tasty, there are no such now.

Recently migrants feed us from the East with the fast - foot: shawarma, lyulya - kebab, samsa and samochka in addition cold " tea; to a karkada .

Soviet public catering - it was it cheap, reliable and practical . And it is still angry. These are the rare mashed potatoes smeared on a plate, bread cutlets with a smell of meat and compote from dried fruits. This too the standard which however differed in nothing from norms present McDonald`s .

Read the book of American Eric Shlosser The Nation fast - foot which the whole month ate in McDonald`s also you will see what happened to it. All these hydrogenated transzhir which are the reason of obesity at Americans were also in products our national fast - foot: pies and belyashes which fry until then in vegetable oil until it becomes similar to the fulfilled automobile greasing.

U us already passed that time when for American hot dog turns were built, but, nevertheless, this business still develops to this day. In Ukraine, for example, the quantity fast - feet for the present increases by 10% annually.

On Donbass people in the weight very much love semi-finished products, fast food, sausage, and are not really inclined to prepare often original dishes from natural products. But, thank God, at us in Luhansk still is not present McDonald`s and will hardly appear. Once Cossacks and chumak took

with themselves in the road a piece of fat and a chunk of bread or cake layers. Ours can do it fast - foot? There is a tasty recipe - potapets : fried fat on black bread. It does not contain harmful fats, long remains, is almost completely acquired by an organism and not postponed in cellulitis. Our ancestors were wise. Also did not get fat as Americans.

our Russian and Ukrainian fast - foot: all these pies, coulibiacs, donuts, donuts, pancakes, vareniki and even trickled pastries - it is better, than American jotas - mastiffs with sausages on 30 rubles for kilogram. And if resume their production and will put on a stream as was in Soviet period, businessmen will earn big money, and we will not get fat and earn an illness.

But as there is a wish to try Soviet " now; toshnotik . Nothing was better than them in my student`s time. Perhaps because when -