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How not to fall a victim forest vampires ?

we Live, beings warm-blooded, from summer to summer that to substitute the sides to the sun, to warm a back, to poshchurit eyes. And everything is remarkable if serious danger in the form of other creations - crowing, barking - bleating did not trap us, buzzing and just creeping, silent. Our speech will go how favourite to protect and cure of stings of any creature of.

The sun heats, skin from suntan cracks, and instead of mattress rest you on the place jump, on a body hands clap, send damnations to the sky? Worse than tigers in our woods - it is mosquitoes. Means of protection from them are subdivided on house and a parabottom - days off. Mosquito grids at windows belong to house (the more density, the better), rozetochny fumigant injectors tablet or with bottles with special liquid. But tablets and bottles have contraindications on their use in rooms where there are pregnant women and small children till 2 - 3 years. Receive particulars about contraindications of the preparation chosen by you in specialized shop, or on the website of the producer if on a box, labels at survey nothing was found.

Them it is desirable not to use special spirals which during burning allocate a smoke and in badly aired rooms. It is good to use spirals on seasonal, personal plots, even near a children`s sandbox in the yard when children played to painfully - the buzzing evening. In campaigns on halts and parking it is also possible to try to drive away forest vampires by means of a spiral, but it is not necessary to put a spiral very close to tent and the more so to allow hit of a smoke inside.

Anti-mosquito aerosols are provided in quite wide assortment, both in drugstores, and in the markets and to buy a low-quality and toxic aerosol does not represent special work. Therefore how many would not praise highly the means bought by you, it is better not to use it in the enclosed space, near children, pregnant women and the feeding women. Some aerosols can be applied directly on skin, others - spray only clothes. Means is, let us assume, applied on the clothes intended for a campaign, giving, evening or walk and only then you put on it. Thus you avoid contact of an aerosol with skin. If on you well there is not enough clothes, then an aerosol it is possible to sprinkle a laying on which you are going to acquire a tan, especially if your beach - a forest clearing near a reservoir.

Ointments against mosquito stings can be bought, it is possible to make, making use of a vast experience of grandfathers and grandmothers. On all preparations of external application read age restriction on use, reaction absolutely small, to 3 - x years, children on ointment it can be unpredictable. There is an opinion that use of ointments more well at already available stings, then means helps to remove an itch, a tumor. And they help with protection a little: are quickly absorbed or erased, without creating a protective barrier. It is simple to make ointment in house conditions: 3 drops of clove oil on 10 gr. children`s cream or oil. Or mix 30 ml of oil of a tea tree, 50 ml of vegetable oil and 5 drops of clove. Pour the received mix in a small bottle and strongly stir up several times. This repellent can be applied on sensitive skin.

But it happened so that you, fascinated by forest beauty, or having been fond of the readable book on a balcony, or fallen asleep with open windows and the turned-on light, forgot about everything on light and you were bitten nevertheless. On a body the red hillock, and even not one flaunts, and hands everything reach for it. What to do? In most cases reaction to a sting is harmless - to wipe the place of a sting with dry soda or solution of soda enough and to grease with brilliant green (soda removes hypostasis, brilliant green interferes with infection of the place of a sting). Several drops " Corvalol; or " Valocordin; work wonders with stings, they reduce an itch and hypostasis. It is also possible to use juice of onions and toothpaste, but not gel.

And let we, beings warm-blooded, live from summer by summer that to substitute the sides to the sun and to take a walk in the wood much, but if we are warned, then are armed. In the subsequent articles I will tell you how to be warned against pincers, wasps and bees, gadflies. Rejoice to summer protected.