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What does academic year prepare for us?

Here it was lucky - that to you! - joyfully, but with some share of a sneer our teacher on stories exclaimed.

- Ur, chicken pox epidemic - we will be released for vacation! - one was lost in day-dreams. - Matematichka got sick! - supported another. We have a new games-master? - the little girls correcting who a hairdress, who a make-up began to chirp. Really USE cancelled? - the company from the first school desks took an interest, without raising eyes from contradictions of nepovsky economy.

- E - e - e, did not guess, my gold vypusknyachechka! - the teacher had even more fun. Here business smells of fried. Really you did not hear? Poor! On you experiences put everything!. USE it, here since September 1, (2007) promises introduction of two-level system of the higher education.

Is valid, in Russia introduction of two levels of higher education is provided: bachelor degree (first level), magistracy or training of the expert (second level). By the ministry it is put a problem of transition to large-scale, general baccalaureate preparation and narrower - master, future students, will be to sharpen under the specific employer.

As are considered by developers of the project, such system will allow to increase efficiency of use of budgetary funds, and also to expand participation of employers in training financing, in particular at the second step. Plus is: it will be possible to be disaccustomed in a magistracy at the expense of the budget. Minus too: at inclusion in a magistracy a competition will be held, as well as at simple inclusion in higher education institution. Such competition will allow to allocate the citizens most capable and the programs of high level prepared for development, and the others, alas, - to eliminate.

- Hm, it that it turns out, you ask: you can not be the master, but to be obliged by the bachelor?!

- Well, something like it. - Everything depends on your personal ambitions. And knowledge. Therefore to study, study, and once again to study. Here you will pass examinations for the fours - the five then all doors before you will open!

- Oh, well really you trust in all these slogans?! - Here, my HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION does not need my any estimates, it is necessary for them that I handed over money in time. And - all. ***

- Listen to

what there the paragraph was set? She will ask? Is not present? Though would be not present. You in general saw it today? Perhaps ached? Though. To so learn all this a reluctance. Horror.


- Hm, and you still ask from where the doctors who by mistake pulled out not that tooth, treating not for that illness, the teacher who cannot precisely explain word meaning - terms the writers confusing events of civil and Patriotic war, the historians who are not remembering the differences between Karl XIV and Karl XVI which are not knowing in what language undertake Catherine II`s memoirs were written to

They everywhere, among us, in each class, in each audience, at each faculty. Lazy inhabitants - and as a result - nonprofessionals of this world. You suffer - you suffer, and sometimes there is a strong wish to trust in the master and that he did not exasperate with inquiries as to cut you, and made everything accurately and competently.

But anything - anything. All this holidays fault. Discourage horror as! Here they will end, and we will again be involved. We will be involved by all means, full of enthusiasm and hopes. Undoubtedly, we will be involved. In game on an elimination. In game under the name life .