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How developed graffiti with 60 - x and up to now?

It is true -

and what here to hide? Children love

, very much like to draw.

On paper, on asphalt, on a wall

I in the tram on - and - and the " window;.

It is a cheerful children`s song 80 - x which at that time was very often broadcast. At that time there was a peak of popularity of the wall drawings called by graffiti. The concept of graffiti appeared somewhere in 60 - x when the teenager from Washington of Hayts by the name of Demetrivs began to write the pseudonym TAKI and number of the street 183 on walls of houses, such list was called a tag later. Without thinking twice, other youth began to paint walls of houses New - York with the names, but everyone wanted to be allocated somehow from the lump so the first graffiti were drawn not only as usual letters, but also in styles different for those times - kruglo, sharply, vaguely.

Huge opportunities at graffitchik opened when they reached the subway where somebody Stay High began to write out the name on all length and width of the car, different flowers and quite wide letters. And there was the first style of writing of graffiti, Wild Style later called that meant wild " style; - beautifully and it is unclear. Having seen new opportunities, the youth became to take subway cars, and soon all cars of New - York carried passengers in drawn " dresses;.

After a while there was a so-called second revolution in drawing of graffiti - it is the first work of the Brooklyn master in the image 3D of wall drawing. In a couple of years this style was recognized as the most difficult, and was considered that only true masters can draw it. Later such style of writing of graffiti received the name FX Style or Daim Style - very difficult not only in writing, but also on a coloring. Letters in this style were so volume that sometimes it seemed - it is possible to take them hands. There was time, and in 1982 - m shot to year the first movie about wall artists - Wild Style apparently the name the movie was given from initial style of graffiti. A year later there was one more tape, and after it also the book about masters of a city list.

Closer to the end 80 - x years when graffiti reached Russia, one more style available to almost all artists - Buble Letters appeared. This style was called - simply, but with taste . Drawing in this style consisted of the round or roundish letters similar to bubbles, from here and the name. To Belarus graffiti removed only in 90 - x Now to pass across the city, without having noticed at least couple of plain flourishes, it is just impossible. Wall drawings smoothly fitted into our life, and today it is impossible to present the tram without lists on glass or the bridge without wall drawings. Graffiti - style of expression of thoughts at today`s youth, the only thing that cannot be met in the drawn words or drawings is an image of the girlfriend or a declaration of love in Russian.

Now what only you will not see in hands at graffitchik - and different types of nozzles on a cylinder with paint, and kinds of tubes, various coals and other accessories. The usual marker was an ancestor of a present cylinder, strangely enough. Sobychny markers history of development of devices for a list of walls began. After a while there were aerosols (or usual barrels from - under a deodorant, filled with paint). Everything that sprayed was used literally or painted. Later, when spray paints began to be available for sale, problems with search of devices for drawing stopped. Now even the special marker for writing of tags - a tager whom the majority of the beginning graffitchik use is thought up.

At the moment in Belarus, for example, of graffiti not of a legalizirovana, and there are even no allocated places for such creativity, and presently it is possible to pay quite heavy fine for the drawn wall masterpiece. And in Ukraine and in Russia competitions of graffiti, and rayter are held for a long time - sometimes invite winners to paint, for example, a building wall advanced firms to register cafe, shop, club. But there are also graffitchik - bomber jackets to which not recognition of their talent, and just sense of danger with which they hasty spoil walls is more important.