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What there goes mobile America by? America eyes of the Russian provincial

At 300 - percentage automobilization of the country a variety of vehicles for the European eye forces to grab the camera.

On closer examination structure of the American vehicle fleet it turned out that there are a lot of old and very old cars. Nearly each house has on an equal basis with traveling cars rarities of type of Pontiac or Dodge of times of discovery of America Columbus. It appeared to take out autostuff on an autocemetery, it is necessary to pay too, and it is a lot of. The hard worker in dirty overalls goes to work on Lincoln the step-ladder behind sticks out. It like ours " Mercedes; with the trailer for manure behind.

Bulk of passenger cars - big, ours Volga near them it seems a minicar. But there the indicator of profitability of the car is not defining in the choice. The main thing - safety at accident. Therefore young mother with three children is loaded into the car of the size of our small-sized apartment (but it is not the minibus!) . Children should be placed. Minibuses I there practically did not see, probably, five seats in any car quite enough.

Shake the American trucks. A cargo transportation is carried out with the minimum quantity of overloads, i.e., practically without them. The sender loaded the container on wheels, fastened to the truck (a cabin with the engine). That delivered to railway station, unhooked. The container was loaded on a platform, it is frequent in two tiers, and carried to the destination. There removed from a platform, fastened to the next truck, and brought to a final point of appointment. In total! But to go on the highway (the high-speed route) on the car between two such monsters uncomfortably! They will also not notice if suddenly unintentionally you are flattened.

The favourite car of the American farmer or hard worker - the track, is car mix with the open truck. Them here absolute majority, especially in rural areas, the benefit the rain goes seldom and freight in an open body does not suffer.

" motorcycles; The Harley - Davidson are a symbol of America, and is not only at rockers. Very picturesquely on the route honored rockers 60 - x, with gray-haired braids look and at a beard, all in skin, with the faithful companion of the same era and in the same equipment on a back seat. Fidelity to style causes respect. But at intensity of the movement on the American routes it is the most dangerous type of transport. Therefore, for safety reasons, parents reluctantly give to the growing-up fans of fast driving of such mustangs, and on highways do not let them.

Having got used to giantism and a variety of passenger cars in the southern state, the son with impatience expected a trip to California, the richest staff. Here where there have to be magnificent limousines in assortment! And what his disappointment when in San - Frantsisko appeared the most popular type of transport the moped was! Even not The Harley - Davidson . Because to find the parking in this unusual, close, hilly city with one-way traffic on the majority of streets it is equivalent to a prize in a lottery.

In economical America there is a practice of sale of the police cars which developed the term (not a resource!) at the open auction. Therefore any American can drive about by strong, high-speed, maneuverable car, it is not even obligatory to remove distinctions.

Having time and desire to take a walk on foot in streets of the South American city, I could estimate work of special transport. As America - one-storeyed, a mailbox (like our nesting boxes on a leg, only at the road) is at each house.