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How to reach the desirable it is easier, than usually?

Are surprised sometimes, the proverb about a log in an eye is how right. People sometimes (and someone it is frequent) so diligently and sophisticated avoid to see some shortcomings of themselves and the behavior that it is possible to write about this art books, treatises and theses.

As becomes with success those whom we call psychologists, psychotherapists, spiritual teachers and just the guru.

If you think at present: on yourself - look at that as always you will be right. In spite of the fact that I try to trace own ogreshnost which are carefully hidden from themselves, speed up detection of a log in the eye I did not manage to avoid.

It and to the best as whom we would be if could not subject to introspection the guilty life and crazy thoughts.

How many times I, watching people in a certain situation, and at times and itself, being in same, thought: And what he(she) fusses? Still anything special did not occur, and already all ike a cat on a hot tin roof. And even if the outcome of this situation will be not the best, it is not so catastrophic as it seems at first sight .

Approximately so I watched ant fussiness of some, and on their questions how you can be such quiet? only smiled as a Cheshire cat.

Because how many times I tried to express in words advantage of such emotional and intellectual state, it did not reach the majority in any way, and after a while I gave up these attempts.

And that you thought? Recently I was similar to those whom described now, at the same time without realizing all tragikomichnost of this analogy.

That you did not appear as dull to which did not reach I will describe how everything was.

At last, I prepared everything for start of the website and time to open it came. I pay a hosting and registration of the domain. If with a hosting all Ok`yushno, then here with the domain the zaminochka left.

Payment took place successfully, confirmation came to soap that money arrived, and the domain is not registered. I wait for days. Anything. I torment a support. At first say that payments reach not at once, then nod on Rupay through which I paid.

Several days, despite everything: the detailed description of the actions, granting requisites of payments, a set of the touched reasons and efficiency of a support, the problem was not resolved, and I was already ready to pay for registration on new if only this pass - the nightmare ended.

The most interesting that happened to me at this time. The first one or two days I was rather quiet. You never know, everyone happens.

But then appeared concern that it will drag on for a long time, and irritation concerning a bessilnost. The and support.

Every evening, sitting down at a computer, I with concerned interest checked soap in hope that the situation was resolved, and, seeing absence of results, again terrorized a support.

Departing to a dream, I thought of this situation, looked for the possible reasons and thought out new letters in a support service. Every morning began with thoughts of when I have a full-fledged website.

There were some feeble attempts to calm down, but my reason did not want anything neither to see, nor to hear, and continued to make up with ecstasy on me for this agitation.

I could be understood. In - the first, I so long and carefully prepared the website and mailing that already just it could not wait to see results of the work not only on the computer, but also in a network. In - the second, the website I started for the first time and though in this procedure there is nothing difficult, easy nervousness nevertheless was.

I do not know how long my tortures still would proceed until I, at last, told myself (I bring approximately): And what I so worry? Nothing outstanding happened, and I got agitated. Not the doomsday comes! Everything will be normal, calm down .

It became a turning point. I do not remember that I wrote in the following letter to a support and that on it moved me: intuition, inspiration or God`s providence, but after it I received the decision.

It appears, registering payment, I paid not registration of the domain, and filled up with it the internal account. And everything that needed to be made, it pressing pair of buttons to charge money for registration off an account. In total.

And 5 days were spent. Truncated what lead fruitless nervous trembling and the mind self-winding concern to?

Once I released a situation, to allow to take to it its course, but not to adjust mental kicks of all and everything, literally for half an hour the problem was solved so simply that there is no place more simply.

Pay attention. Under released a situation I understand not full inaction and a pushcheniye of all on drift, and the fact that I reconciled to what is at the moment. I calmed down internally, pacified all uneasy thoughts and continued to act. the Result was not long in coming.

I needed to take a detached view only of myself as I looked once at others and to smile as a Cheshire cat, having realized all humour of current situation.

It is also one of success secrets in life. You allow the Universe (to providence, god, subconsciousness, the guardian angel, a dried vobla - call somehow) to create to you a favorable situation in which you need only not to bungle, being nervous and worrying about future result.

You hold result necessary to you in the head, but you do not hold it as drowning for a straw .

Quite so, without taking the events seriously, I in students took examinations. Fellow students tormented me with questions: why you such quiet as boa? and I only significantly smiled as the parent watching clumsy actions of the child - the silly little chap.

Though I also prepared for examinations thoroughly, but I knew that I all the same will not remember everything. Therefore, understanding that I did by me the utmost, with quiet soul went for any examination. In advance ready to any result. And to the brilliant answer, and a failure with a crash in the face of the amazed public

I this readiness created confidence inside that everything will be as it is necessary. It even was not the assumption. It was knowledge. The result is available - from 36 examinations I repeated only two. And any mean three.

Call it an enlightenment, mysticism, metaphysics, somehow. The main thing, is the necessary result. The rest peel.

And now look on happening to you in recent times from outside, take the sawmill offered by me and saw the logs found you on the small chips causing tears of joy from the come enlightenment.

Eventually if there are Murphy`s laws, what prevents us to think up Murphy`s anti-laws: if something can happen in the best way, then it and happens. At the correct spirit, naturally.