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Whether we know all about Cypriots?

Many consider that Cypriots absolutely same, as well as Greeks. Anything similar! For a start It should be noted that they have even different language, and Greeks will understand hardly Cypriots. For example: on - it is Greek - dio on - Cyprian - fkyo . Respectively water-melon : karpuz - fun red : kokkinos - kochchinos etc. Also they differ in a life rhythm.

If you sometime were in Greece, then for certain did not disregard drivers of a taxi for which just there are no traffic regulations. And Cypriots live under the law a whitefish - a whitefish what means slowly - slowly . More haste less speed (bus. From that place where you go). So at them all is quiet and peaceful.

Crimes are practically not committed. In general, 99% of crimes are made by tourists, but not Cypriots. At me, for example, Dutches robbed bank then the whole day all Larnaca stood on ears.

Cypriots - the people hardworking, constantly hold up themselves as an example. Here you are Russians - are not able to work. Here compare as we work - from morning to the night, we live this work, and you...? Some enterprising Cypriots manage to combine incompatible: to be the president of a women`s soccer team and to own confectionery which, besides makes soft drinks.

Awfully do not love Pontians, in my opinion, of quite normal people, just slightly cocky. (Pontians are the Greeks who emigrated to Russia on the coast of the Black Sea (Pontus), and then located in Cyprus and in Greece). Many Russian girls marry Pontians since those know both Russian, and Greek.

There is also special category of men, sharks who are engaged in nothing, only go on a tourist zone and catch girls. Generally only Russians. Men of average years, quite attractive exterior. With them it is necessary to be accurater, among them there are also tyrants. How many girls warned, all the same come across.

And so, Cypriots very friendly. You come into shop - you will be asked there: from where arrived in what hotel stopped as call, whether for a long time etc. Will chatter as there is nothing to do! Not so friendly girls. It seems, Russians of all guys pootbivat. And they not especially differ in beauty. The most part - are slightly plump . And if them get to talking, then and they with you will make friends. Very much they are modest.

Many Cypriots very much are proud of the fact that they are Cypriots, but not Greeks. Even slightly dislike Greeks. The most part - communists. And if the Cypriot with fine knowledge of Russian (or Bulgarian) which studied in Russia moreover and on Zhiguli - a sure sign - the communist suddenly gets to you.

As a rule, they do not drink wine - any more cannot. But beer and vodka - in unlimited number. Though alcoholism as at us, at them is not present.

Cannot live without bouzouki (folk music). Is able to dance a Sirtaki practically everyone. And what is the most ridiculous, in the winter a floor - Cyprus has a rest in Thailand. Here such - these Cypriots!