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What we are obliged to the uncle " by; To the Oscar ?

In the night of Friday on Monday as it is sung in one famous song and only not in some mean club, and at world famous movie theater Kodak in Los - Andzheles serious passions boiled. Rates, polls, red carpets, fashion show stars - anyhow? Here the destiny of really royal honors - a gilded figurine of the uncle of the Oscar is decided.

this year of these honors will be reduced. So the film academy and fiscal service of the States solved. The Oscar, of course, will remain the Oscar, however the gift basket giving will become scanty. With receiving this gift the tax also is assigned to accepting. To film stars the same requirements, as are imposed to ordinary American citizens - Mark Everson, the head of tax administration concluded.

Citizens as citizens, actors as actors, movies as movies, however a lovely American small party gains the increasing importance around the world every year. It is possible because it is diluted with participation of Mexicans, British, French, Spaniards, Germans and slav brothers. The Russian by origin Helen Mirren (in the world Elena Mironova) played the English queen on the earth of America, Babylonians talked in a shot in four languages and attached to shootings of natives, the American director Clint Eastwood removed a tape about the land of the rising sun, nice people of Kazakhstan too did not deprive of attention.

Yes, from this transatlantic relationship the head will go around! You represent how the head of nominees of a national award of the States is turned! Oscar even more often plays a ribbon role Ms., Mrs. or Mr. Vselennaya . In the field of the film industry, of course. Myth and only. Sweet such, amusing vanity. Like our Russian: got a gold medal for training - all doors are opened for you, all wait for you - will not wait, and your life until the end of days - in silks yes in gold. But the myth on that is also the myth. It is created by soul national together with hope. That was to what to aspire what to write off failures for and to speak though about something with confidence. We with confidence can tell

that last Monday of February, gathering for work / study and including the TV, we will see not jingling strips and the irritating prevention peep, and the joyful atmosphere, happy smiles, a sincere applause. Be able to rejoice to success of another, tomorrow you will be able to appear on its place - the old Hollywood introduction says. And here having been glad, having laughed, having admired with all the heart - with vigorous spirit - work / study.

Thanks to the uncle to the Oscar for our happy morning!