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What advantages at you if you are lazy?

Let works shaggy

and healthy that bear,

not of figs on the wood to be unsteady,

to guzzle raspberry and to roar .

From student`s folklore. If you managed to be born

the idler, I represent how many you listened for all the life kind words and useful tips . Here, such you and syaky, it is necessary to work (to study, to help, to work), and you only and you are able to stare in a ceiling yes to dream.

Ya too terrible idler!

The public morals are negative to laziness sharply. Gather in any searcher lazy worker or lazy employee and you will find a lot of articles from the " series; How to force to work the lazy employee . Besides, it is considered that lazy people create in collective the atmosphere such rasslabukh and from it overall performance of collective sharply decreases.

Yes It does not add positive emotions.

But, all - believe. You have many advantages. For example.

1. Laziness - the progress engine. To the person bothered to run - saddled at first a burro, then a horse, bothered to strain - constructed all mechanisms

2. The lazy employee quite often finds easier and fast way of the solution of an objective, just not to strain.

3. Stupid, monotonous work - not for lazy! The lazy employee a fly will offer a way of automation and optimization of the repeating operations!

4. Lazy people are usually very charming. It a lot of things say goodbye.

5. Lazy people are usually very talented - to think out on the run a heap of justifications why work is not made, not everyone will be able!

6. Lazy usually gives more ideas. Because the consciousness is not corked with importance and responsibility.

7. Lazy people have more philosophical mentality. Having received team, take your time to carry out it, the " team suddenly will follow; To Set aside . And it is valid, you look, or it is necessary to do nothing any more, or business someone already made another.

8. Lazy people are more enterprising! Let`s remember Tom Sawyer. Only lazy will present stupid and uninteresting work so that others will want to make it.

And now think of great people on to this question. Quote them when to you put by sight.

1. The Best ideas come in three places: in a bed, in a bathtub and in the bus (bed, bath, bus) . - - r B. Banzay, American physicist.

2. The True gentleman, as if he was poor, will never be humiliated before any useful work . - George Mayks.

3. As for laziness - the lazy employee quite often finds easier and fast way of the solution of an objective, just not to strain . - Hleyd`s law.

4. To earn a living, it is necessary to work. But to grow rich, it is necessary to think up something else . - Alphonse Karr.

And at the end a joke in a subject:

Lies the Black under a date palm tree. Nearby all earth is covered with dates. White approaches and speaks:

- Here you, Blacks, what lazy. Would rise, collected dates.

- And why, I already will give a hand, I will take and I will eat.

- And you could collect, bring dates on a market and there sell.

- And what for?

- on this money would buy Then a wheelbarrow, would already carry dates on the market more.

- And what for?

- Yes you would employ other Blacks, they would gather to you dates, and you could lie freely and to do nothing!

- And I already lie and I do nothing Look for

in life of easy ways, be lazy! And your life will become much easier!