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How to cease to follow the tastes of doubts?

to Whom are unfamiliar what such doubt? - raise hands. Something I do not see any. Really you faced it too? Then we have something to you to talk about.

However, I so asked it - for a warming up. Here I will not speak about doubts of the " type; whether there is life on Mars? . All already know that it is there. If you do not trust me, buy Doom III!

I will better concern doubts in correctness and expediency of the undertakings and the angry aunt accompanying them self-criticism.

How many times in your head the light thought flashed to change a job on more worthy, to receive a new profession, to begin the small business or online project, and you, povinuyas to the cemeterial watchman to doubt and a grobovshchitsa to self-criticism, allowed them to bury your good intentions deeply to the earth?

And then also samoyedstvovat concerning the weakness?

You can not speak. I know from the experience that it does not give in to the account. And if you realize small part of what could be made at least, but did not make from - for the doubts of knees which are turning in from weight? Where you would be? Whom would you be now?

Neither I, nor you know it, but I precisely know that even if something would not turn out, then you would have the most valuable - experience. Son of mistakes difficult. The grandson of the overcome doubts and the won self-criticism.

A if you succeed, then and there is nothing to speak. It is necessary only to rejoice that in due time did not follow the tastes of above-mentioned workers of service of funeral services for remarkable ideas and to enjoy fruits of the efforts.

I do not want to tell that doubts and self-criticism - are the absolute and greatest evil against which it is necessary to collect a crusade. to

They are also necessary for the person, as well as self-confidence. They help to separate ideas really mad and inoperable at present from the thoughts seeming at first sight silly, but having rational grain.

In this question, as well as everywhere, the reasonable balance between confidence and uncertainty and doubts is necessary.

Those cases which we discuss here have one feature. Uncertainty is in what result will be received. And, about 50 on 50.

Let`s sort on fingers, i.e. on concrete examples. If you never drove the car, then your doubts that learn driving for an hour, are quite reasonable.

But you almost for 100% are sure that you will be able to make it for bigger amount of time. You draw such conclusion, generalizing experience of many people, the majority of which managed it.

Another matter if you want to be engaged, for example, the Internet - business. Here you have neither experience, nor enough knowledge, nor a living example of many people.

Those who are successful also on a look are small that only suggests a sad idea that if there is not a lot of them, it is really difficult and labor-consuming.

Here also doubts which chop off on a root the intentions which did not strengthen to extent of specific actions yet begin to come.

But we not for this purpose here gathered to open nagnoivshiyesya wounds with the purpose to powder them with disputes of anthrax. We and need treatment, so.

Then we will start. For descriptive reasons I will give such comparison. Present that you the beginner in mountain skiing also want to go down on a slope of moderate complexity. You can, having looked down, to be frightened and change the mind, having convinced itself that the fact that the inexpressible feelings described to you by friends do not cost those possible adverse effects in the form of bruises and the broken edges.

Or you can begin descent. But you will never know, than this descent will end. Perhaps, you safely slide until the end of the route. Perhaps, you will fall on the middle of a way, and then you will get up and continue a way. And maybe, so you will well up right at the beginning that you will not be able to rise.

Also the situation and with your undertakings and aspirations is. You will never be able to consider all factors, you will never have all necessary information.

But it does not mean that it is necessary to lie 33 years on the furnace and to idle, speaking to itself: At me not enough statistical data for calculation of probability of success or Yes, it is good idea, here only I will observe how at others it turns out, and there and it will be visible . Only it then so never also comes.

Generally, self-criticism and doubts should be taken in echinoid mittens while they kind, give pieces of good advice and did not grow in monstrous mental installations for destruction of your initiative yet.

Eventually, nothing prevents you to choose descent, feasible for you, and to receive a two-three of lessons at the instructor. But then all your justifications to inaction have to be cancelled.

Your doubts will not get to anywhere. It is necessary to recognize it how the fact that the Sun rises in the east. They will arise at you even when you already began to do what so long doubted. And sometimes even then, when you know that you just have no reasons that something did not turn out. But it is not necessary to consider himself is weaker than your doubts.

How to fight with them? Karate, Greco - the Roman fight or sumo? Now we will understand.

Every time when you intend to begin to do something, something to realize, whether it be writing of article, preparation of the report or the decision to quit the job, doubt will appear. And the most radical way to cope with them - to simply begin to do conceived. Something " type; we will be got involved in a fight, and there be that will be .

The majority of disorganizing thoughts recede at this time because your brain is already busy with the events. There is no time to produce any disturbing thoughts here still. If not to feed them, then they die quicker than the fish cast ashore.

Once again I warn: I speak not about rash acts and impulsive rushes, and about constructive undertakings on advantage to myself and the benefit to people.

If doubts appear already during performance of what you also so with great difficulty began then it is possible to apply such counter.

You put in the head of a peculiar muscleman - the security guard. Let him watch the thoughts rushing in the head and carries out their face - control. As soon as you with its help notice

enemy thoughts of doubts, fear, uncertainty and self-criticism, you speak to them: Stop, I recognized you. I will deal with you then . Also you continue to go about the own business. The doubt will be waited let. It is more important than business.

Return to results of the done work (if they have the physical embodiment) in a day. You will be surprised how it you could criticize yourself for such good work. And where the criticism was really pertinent, correct.

Of course, all is not so simple. Such trick requires a certain self-control and skill. But that`ll come, with practice will come.

And now remember how many affairs and fulfillments were ruined by you for the last month from - for causeless doubts and, without hesitation, realize at least one of them! As there in the song it is sung: Only the seas obey courageous! ?

Be courageous and you remember that unsuccessful attempt is 100 times better than inaction. Grant

, on it at me all. Of course, on it the subject is not settled. But even these simple receptions will help you to become more productive and successful. For the sake of what, actually, this article was also written.