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What is coaching?

Coaching are a development for heads who not only reached business heights, but have the potential and intention to use it for 100% for achievement more good result.

If to speak simply, then coaching is a relationship of the head and external consultant. That both internal, and external consultants could give advice, they find in the client the best qualities allowing to obtain this or that information then it to overwork and to independently make the decision. Subsequently this decision can help the company to strengthen the positions in the market.

Such type of relationship is quite new. It was developed long enough. Formation was the share of the beginning 80 - x years of last century, but only not at us, and in the USA. Today such relationship is known also to Russia - as coaching.

If to speak honestly, there is no intelligible translation of this word. But I take from the shelf English - the Russian dictionary and I watch the word coach . Values a little: trainer, personal mentor, tutor. It turns out that work of a kouch is in directing the ward in necessary course - on achievement of some new purposes. However work of a kouch consists only in the verbal help whereas something the head has to pass a way to achievement.

It is possible to address koucha on all questions, whether it be a family, friends or work. However, most often such consultants help in business - spheres.

Coaching was created by the adviser from Seattle Thomas Dzh. Leonard. In the work of the consultant he noticed that people on specific financial questions even more often address it, and sometimes and ask to accompany them at various stages of development of business. In the course of work he gathered a lot of information, and subsequently called the consulting work as coaching. Also he was the first who began to use this word out of a sports field of activity. Later Leonard organized University of coaching. Its opening took place in 1992 - m to year.

But who can be considered professional kouchy? The most important criterion for evaluation of professionalism is efficiency of the solution of tasks. But you, probably, thought that kouch to be an expert in different fields of activity? Absolutely not. He can be a financier as Leonard, and to give advice family. Therefore kouch can rely on knowledge of the client, and with their help to achieve a goal.

Kouch and his client set before themselves the purposes, then carefully plan their achievement, do activity sketches, assume various obstacles, ways of their overcoming, and after all these rules they begin the movement to realization of the planned purpose.

Sometimes, it is even quite frequent, there are failures - from them nobody is insured, but as a result kouch from each miss in the career takes out a certain lesson, and steps on the same rake any more.

Coaching is not transfer of knowledge in pure form, and creation of conditions under which people independently find the solution of own tasks. Everyone kouch before beginning work, has to study the advised chief or the head not to make a mistake from the very beginning. Considering features of people, it will be easier for kouch to make decisions and to share them.