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How at the same time to learn to cook the most different lenten soups?

At one time I lived on the apartment where only one ring therefore it was necessary to learn to cook soup in one ware, on one place worked. Since then I so liked this fast way of preparation (no more than 45 min.) that I cook all soups according to one scheme, they turn out fragrant and rich.

So, I take a pig-iron kettle or a pan from a stainless steel with a thick bottom.

On a bottom I pour vegetable oil, I brown onions and carrots on 1 piece, I add spice. This beginning practically of any soup, we will call it mix .

Then it is necessary to be defined from what you are going to cook soup. For example, from vegetables.

Beetroot soup.

of B mix I add the beet (1 large or 2 small) grated on a large grater and I add a little water. While beet is stewed, I peel potatoes (5 - 6 pieces) . Then I cut it semi-circles and I fill in all with a necessary amount of water, depends on desirable density of beetroot soup.

Here it is possible to tag , I to it will send you from other soups. When potato is almost ready, I salt, I add bay leaf. I cook longer to readiness of potato, I switch off and I add small cut garlic. In 15 min. soup will be drawn and will be completely ready.

Russian cabbage soup

of B mix I add the cabbage cut small, but not straws, and cubes and if to add paprika, Russian cabbage soup will be much more tasty and more fragrant. I fry with onions and carrots a little. I put potato, I fill in with water, further as in beetroot soup from of a tag . Borsch Everything I do


as well as in beetroot soup, but beets it is necessary less, there is enough of one small. When potato is almost ready, I salt, and I add 1 tablespoon. tomato paste and sugar pinch. Borsch piece such with which it is possible to experiment infinitely therefore at will you can add olive, pepper in a tomato, mushrooms, boiled haricot, or still something. When everything cooks, I put the cabbage chopped by thin straws. I bring everything to boiling, I switch off, I add garlic and I close a cover, it is possible to wrap up with a towel from above. In 15 - 20 min. borsch is ready!

Grain soups.

any grain Soups except pearl barley and porridge cook equally. In mix we put grain, approximately a handful, potato, and we fill in with water. Then all as in beetroot soup from of a tag .


of B mix we put pearl barley, we add a little water, we cook minutes 10. Then we add potato and we cook, as in beetroot soup from of a tag . At the end of cooking we add small cut pickles and it is a little brine, we bring to boiling, we switch off and we allow to be drawn.

Porridge soup , surprisingly tasty, cooks as well as a rassolnik, only without pickles.

The only exception of this galaxy of soups are soups from bean - haricots, peas, lentil.

It is necessary to wet haricot and whole peas previously not less than for 4 hours, and lentil and split peas can be cooked at once.

So, any chosen bean, we fill in with water and we cook to semi-readiness. Then we add small cut onions and carrots, in these soups carrots should be cut, but not to grate, so much more tasty. We put pepper peas, potato and we cook practically to its readiness. We salt, we pepper, we add bay leaf and we cook already to full readiness.

Naturally, any soup fresh greens as I already wrote will decorate, its all winter can be grown up on a window sill.

On it I can finish a short course on vegetarian kitchen. Dishes of everyones different, of course, incredible quantity, I hope mine to you will be pleasant.

Eat on health.