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How to choose a spherical support for the car?

Hello. Almost everyone at least once saw on a roadside the car with a forward wheel vyvorochenny on one side. First of all, this malfunction arises from - for departed lower or top spherical support. Start up details these small, but their breakage at breakthrough from the place or even jumping up on a small pothole it is fraught loss wheels and serious accident. Prime symptoms faulty spherical support knocks serve in forward part of the car when driving on the uneven road at a speed from 5 to 40 - 50 km/h. At the same time foreign additional sounds repeat on each hummock, a pole and are similar to a drumbeat. After wear of spherical fingers reaches a limit, they just jump out from a nest and deprive thereby of a wheel of an axial support. Further - as will carry. At a high speed of the movement the outcome can be very tragic. And therefore with special sharpness there is a question of purchase of the real, not fake support. First of all, any attention of tricksters is drawn by spherical support for " Zhiguli; and Samar . Present signs belebeevsky a finger, first of all, serve absence on the case of traces of a turning cutter and uneven it is dirty - gray color of a conic surface as the evidence of heat treatment. Producers left spherical support turn fingers on ordinary lathes, and about any heat treatment of a detail out of the question. A forgery surface smooth, on its case there are no emblem of the producer and a mark of conformity to the Russian standards. Quite often on car markets it is possible to meet also left spherical support of the association BELMAG from the city of Magnitogorsk. The hologram on the case and an individual packing box of red or steel color with a set of fasteners is a sign of the real details. To secure motorists against purchase left a spherical support, we will give some more advice concerning the choice of this important detail. The finger spherical has to be shod, gray color without any paint; the carving is rolled, but not reasonable on the machine; halves of the case are always accurately welded, and points of welding are noticeable only on one of cups. Besides, pay attention to a cover form with a cut which has to have a qualitative hemisphere in a profile.