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How Charlotte Bronte became the famous writer?

160 years ago, spring of 1847, Bronte`s sisters lived recent pleasure: at last the publishing house estimated their literary talent. It was not lucky only Charlotte - her novel narrating about love of the teacher of board in Brussels and the poor, modest girl Frances, cast by own experiences did not touch the publisher, and she worked on the following hard, but already under the name.

Charlotte Bronte failure with the first rejected novel did not break - she hurried to plunge into the world of the thought-up images again, to tell in the new work as it is heavy to live to the little woman without sympathy in society what pure and sacrificial the suffered much soul what noble people and what miracles of the nature can meet the God`s help on a course of life

in May, 1846 to Bronte`s sisters is it was succeeded to publish on the money the small collection of verses under the pseudonym Bell`s Brothers (Kerrer, Ellis and Ekton Bell). The poetry of sisters did not bring them either the income, or popularity, but was kindly met by literary critics. Charlotte, having been delighted that Bell`s brothers noticed, suggested sisters to write according to the novel to publish the book of prose under the same man`s pseudonyms.

At the beginning of 1847 Bell`s Brothers presented the work on court of publishing house: Charlotte - Teachers Aemilia - Wuthering Heights Ann - Agnes Gray . The novel of elder sister was rejected, Aemilia`s book appeared not noticed criticism (later this novel will be called Manifesto of the English geniuses ) work younger of sisters received favorable mentions. So they unexpectedly rushed into the world literature.

* * *
Children of the pastor Patrick Bronte returned to a home on a cemetery in Gouvort, having passed a hard school of life: unfortunate love and unfulfilled dreams. Three of his daughters, young teachers with certificates on education, hoped to open in 1845 in a home school for girls, but nobody arrived to their gloomy dwelling with the sick brother consumptive, and then Charlotte suggested sisters to be engaged in writing She wrote

a story about hard life of the little orphan, about female advantage and cruelty. Charlotte was dipped into the childhood which departed to the past and again endured mournful events In 1820 it with all family arrived to the house on a cemetery - it executed then four years (Charlotte was born in Thornton, in Yorkshire, on April 18, 1816) . In 1821 near their dwelling there was a sepulchral hillock with a surname of Bronte belonging to Mary, her mother, and among crosses and monuments the deserted children - the boy and five girls began to walk soon

After three severe years of life without mother was given by the pastor of four daughters to a free orphanage in Is forged - the Bridge, opened on pathetic donations.

In a year of existence with malnutrition, in cold, not well-groomed rooms, will die from typhus the oldest daughter, and behind it from a transient consumption also average will die - it will not be helped by the warming Charlotte`s embraces four children will remain

I in the pastoral house on a cemetery only: three sisters - Charlotte, Aemilia, Ann and the brother Brenuell. Now Charlotte became senior, and every day she reads books in library of the father, and then together with the brother draws illustrations to the thought-up story about the magic country of Engriya. According to its offer sisters Aemilia and Ann write the fantastic story about the state in which people live happily.

Charlotte`s imagination occupied Engriya wizards, pirates, knights, angry queens and kind beauties. Also Charlotte sat in the far childhood, having plunged into the thought-up world. Who will believe that the imagined pleasure can bring so much happiness? - the talented girl asked in the diary

More priest did not try to educate the daughters in free educational institution: in 1831 he sent Charlotte to school in Rougeda. It was very happy time of the fifteen-year-old girl - the daughter of the pastor Bronte became at this school the recognized leader, it was loved, it struck with the extensive knowledge in literature, history, geography, ability to draw and compose verses. After successful leaving school to the girl suggested to work as the teacher in the same place. And it remained, also younger sisters studied in the same place. All of them then were fond of poetry

will Very afflict the pastor`s daughters when Charlotte sends one of the poems to the famous court poet of that time Robert Souti and will get severe advice: forever to leave dreams of writing - it not for women - distracts them from family duties...

* * *
the Heroine of the new novel of Charlotte, Jen Air, after the cruel address with it in the house of the aunt, Mrs. Read, widow of the brother of her father, gets to the same poor, terrible shelter in Lovuda, as well as in Is forged - the Bridge. Charlotte will write so penetrating about love and sufferings of the little teacher to Tornfilde that the famous English writer William Thackeray, the author Vanity Fairs it will be captured by compassion, reading its work: Very much excited Me and pleased Jen Eyre Convey to the author my appreciation and thanks some love scenes forced me to cry . He glanced in her thought and told that he saw

I to it was transferred, and she was confused, at the same time madly rejoicing that The World of the thought-up passions delivered so many experiences! Charlotte Bronte`s Book Jen Eyre published in October, 1847, it was quickly bought up, bringing it glory and prosperity. The success was tremendous, and several publishing houses hurried to get the rights for its reprinting. William Thackeray invited Charlotte to London that with her to get acquainted, express the admiration of talent of the writer.

In 1848 she under the influence of revolutions in Europe writes the new novel Sherli about the movement of the luddites (called so in honor of Ludd, the first broken the weaving loom, protesting against hunger and unemployment). In the creativity Charlotte Bronte supports female equality more and more safely, following an example of George Sand, the famous French writer.

Ah, Charlotte, Charlotte to glance to it to England hundred thirty five years later and to see how the woman operates the country, iron lady Margaret Not vain were efforts of the famous writer, little English Joan of Arc fighting for respect for the woman.

Soon and in other countries begin to print sensational novels of the fairy - writers: in Russia the novel Jen Eyre it is printed in 1849 in Domestic notes and in 1851 - the novel Sherli with some change. In 1853 in To Library for reading print Villyet and four years later, in 1857, after death of the writer, leaves in Domestic notes first novel Teacher once rejected by publishing house in London. Also Charlotte Bronte became the famous writer.

Feel pity, develop the talent and write, dear readers, write with the same persistence that was at the little fairy - the writer when she tried to obtain equality of the woman