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How to keep health with the smallest efforts? Part 2

the balanced diet is very important For preservation of health. The food not only feeds, but also treats. About it there is a set of opinions and recommendations. I will call only 10 types of foodstuff which are considered as the most useful:

products from whole grain - brown rice, bread and porridges;





chicken meat (without skin);



herbs and natural spices;


From myself I can add that apples are very useful; they not only contain many vitamins, but also are applied at treatment of violations of digestion.

Point also to products which use it is better to exclude or reduce:

sugar (sucrose);


alcohol-containing products;

saturated animal fats and the products containing them - fat meat, cheese, a chicken skin, creamy ice cream, etc. can use

Instead of sucrose fruit or glucose, natural substitutes, dried apricots, raisin etc. It is better to use salt not in pure form, and in the form of soy sauce as Koreans and Japanese. And, in any case, as much as possible to reduce its use (though I understand - it is difficult!) . It is better to refuse alcohol absolutely. Animal fats with success replace with vegetable. And it is very important for cooking to use only the purified water, especially in big cities where quality of tap water very low.

Addictions - one of the main reasons for the increased mortality in Russia. It is possible to think that someone purposefully carries out Goebbels`s program for the Russian people - many cheap tobacco, low-grade vodka and any medical care! So, brothers, you want to live - stop drinking, smoking and doing drugs. Sex is not among addictions; it is possible as much as necessary! To number of addictions, misters programmers, work at the computer belongs at night and without interruption. Recently it became clear that it is very harmful to go to mountains, especially in the spring, - to die, et - that, it is possible.

The consciousness that you, in any quality, are necessary to other people very much prolongs life. Not incidentally very long there live outstanding scientists, doctors etc. Well, and happy family life is very important. And if at all all, write to the " magazine in any way; Shkolazhizni. ru .

The positive spirit in life is, as well as a dream, one of the best drugs. Therefore rejoice to what only you can. It as in an ancient joke: If broke a hand - rejoice that not both;...; and if the wife changed - rejoice that only to you, but not the Fatherland! How to keep optimism and a positive spirit in life, to operate the emotions etc., it is necessary to write separately.

Training by water, air and the sun - very important factor of preservation of health, if without excesses. I mean training like bathing in an ice-hole etc. All excessive - is harmful.

Well, and the physical culture set of exercises now promised:

Breathing exercise. To inhale air a nose, to napruzhinit a stomach and to exhale with a force through the squeezed lips (5 times). Blood saturation by oxygen, massage of heart.

Jumpings up on the place, without tearing off socks from a floor (rose on tiptoe and with a force fell by heels). On 30 times twice. Clear vessels of slags, replace run.

After the first time - a sharp breath with an enclasping of shoulders hands. 10 times. After the second time - ejection of hands forward with tightening and unclamping of hands - 10 times.

Rotation by the head - on 10 times in each party.

Rotation of hands forward and back on 10 times.

the Inclination and rotation of a trunk on 10 times in each party (clockwise and counterclockwise).

trunk Inclinations in the parties with the movement of hands along a body - on 10 times in each party.

Turns of a trunk along a vertical axis in both parties with the movement by hands - on 10 times in each party.

trunk Inclinations back (hands back) and down (a floor contact with hands) - 10 times.

Hands up to cave in, squat with hands forward, 10 times back. Who will not be able to squat with hands forward - it is possible to rest hands against knees.

Repetition of the first breathing exercise. These are not recommended to be fond, no more than 5 times, and that get poisoned with oxygen.

The main thing in this complex, as you can see, breath, rotation and an extension. Helps to support in good repair heart, vessels, joints and muscles. Loads with cheerfulness for all day. And jumpings up can be done during the working day, they banish drowsiness and fatigue.

Well - we will take the health in hand? Progress all in this case!