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What do we know about M. Yu. Lermontov`s bayronizm and about him?

No, I am not Byron, I another,

Still the unknown elect, -

As it driven by the world the wanderer,

But only with the Russian soul.
These lines young Lermontov wrote

to Sushkova`s album as if in reply to all those who teased it the English poet who considered it as Byron`s shadow. And in anybody another there was no so much Russian how many was in Lermontov! The Russian soul - deep, sincere, tragic - here that moved it talent.

No, I do not call into question the fact that Byron`s creativity exerted huge impact on the poet. Still the little boy he greedily read works of the English poet. With huge volume of bayronovsky creations the young poet wandered about lonely places of a big garden. The gloomy bayronovsky muse found an echo in his soul. But also then Lermontov was oneself, even in the first children`s experiences of imitation Byron and Pushkin he showed an originality, originality, a manner only to it peculiar. No! He was never a blind imitator, it took from works of other poets only what on spirit considered.

Byron became Lermontov`s mentor, the poet studied everything that was connected with the English lord. Lermontov persistently drew parallels between his and destiny:

I am young; but sounds boil on heart, I wanted to reach

I of Byron;

U us one soul, the same torments, -

Oh, if is identical destiny!.
the poet wrote

In the notebooks: Still similarity in my life to lord Byron: his mothers in Scotland the old woman foretold that he will be the great person and two times he will be married; about me in the Caucasus the old woman predicted the same to my grandmother. God grant, that and over me came true though I would be as unhappy as Byron

The gloomy cold of a black bayronovsky toga closely grew together in our consciousness with an image of Lermontov. Even at school at lessons of literature of the teacher draw a portrait of the haughty, fenced-off person closed and tragic. In criticism it is possible to meet often the statement that Lermontov lived monotonous and lonely life . It was written about Lermontov whose life is full of the most dramatic episodes and which knew and so understood life as knew and understood the very few from his contemporaries.

Perhaps, it seemed unapproachable and haughty, but only that who did not know it close. Actually Lermontov was very sensitive, always lived heart, constantly fell in love. It could seem venomous and caustic, could offend, but the unreasonable grief, heavy thoughts and ardent feelings were behind all this:

Ya is cold and proud; and even Crowd I seem to evil

; but sting it

has to Get defiantly into heart to me?

Why to it know what in it is concluded?

Fire or a twilight there - it all the same

Lermontov entrusted to paper each movement of the soul. He used each coming across piece of paper and even itself joked over this ridiculous passion everywhere to leave marks of the existence .

In the incomplete twenty seven years Lermontov managed to find what others look for and often do not find throughout all life. Its perfect possession of a form and surprisingly artless expression of feelings was inherent in our not all literary figures and in mature years.

Any poet does not awake in me so many feelings and emotions as Mikhail Lermontov. In thirteen years of the creativity he managed to reveal so fully as the poet, as the writer, as the literary artist that forever will remain in heart of the Russian person. Russian! Lermontov did not become the world poet, but what found reflection in his lyric poet, appeared very deeply and especially national. Experience its verses, absorb his grief, hear a voice of his soul and you will understand what it was a person.