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From where leaders undertake?

As become leaders? How it turns out what one person is able and wants to direct, and another, on the contrary, wants to stand unnoticed aside? It appears it is all about genes. One scientists deny, about existence of it a leadership gene, others - directly declare that it is. And consultants of psychology claim that leadership skills are shown already at school age.

Behind a school desk heads were not only excellent students, but also were able to systematize knowledge, had a wide range of interests and were held in respect of peers. Anonymous research at which heads of the companies answered the questions posed was conducted, having rejected all modesty. Their answers were sure and honest: I was courageous, not similar to others With me it was interesting, and I was listened by others I am the born leader etc. 59% of heads recognized that there were always ambitious, 65% answered that they always wanted to become leaders, and only 10% were surprised to the fast success. Scientists explained such success with existence of a certain type of genes which help the person to reach certain tops. At the same time psychologists claim that if there are a will power and self-confidence, then knowledge will be put. Here from such fine combination heads also turn out.

But if over this fact scientists think, and still finally did not come to an exact conclusion, then here such gene as a depression gene already received the definition. Within decades wise minds struggled with a depression nature solution, trying to understand whether this illness is the acquired property of mankind or was put in its nature.

Not so long ago scientists of the London Royal college declared that they managed to find in a genetic chain of the person a gene, which responsible for experiences, oppressed and suicide states. Depressions turned into a scourge of progressive mankind long ago. Thousands of people suffer from any depressions, and a bigger quantity, considers that it suffers from this illness and absorbs in large quantities soothing preparations and antidepressants. Physicians managed to recreate precisely the mechanism of this process and confirmed the opening with real factors.

A specific kind of the gene bearing a name 5 - NTT, became in a genetic chain, peculiar whipping boy will be considered as the main reason of depressions now. This opening not only break in the field of fundamental medicine, but also the help to the practicing physicians in a question of selection of drugs for the people suffering from such states. This gene is responsible for an expense a brain of a certain chemical which existence is directly connected with changes of mood. Decrease in its level causes a dejectedness. In a human body it is in two versions - short and long, those people whom parents allocated with a combination of two short versions have much more chances to fall into a depression. Scientists already invented a set of medicines, and now can precisely reveal patients for whom the help is necessary.

All this of course is good. Thanks to scientists for their opening, but genes genes, and the person himself has to seek to achieve the put results. And at all not to be repaid, existence or lack of these genes. There is also a good luck factor, and here four main councils:

- Obey the instincts - usually they are not mistaken;

- Be open for all new and declare war to routine; - Try to give

every day several moments to memories of good;

- Represent yourself successful before an important meeting or phone call.

Lucky or loser everyone can sometimes call himself, depending on a situation, but here always to be the first type, try some principles. The first, broaden horizons and improve personal qualities, it will allow to move ahead. The second, in any failure it is necessary to see something good, it did not turn out - not terribly, could be worse. The embodiment in life of these principles is not an inherited quality luckies each of us is capable to be master of fate.

Scientists let look for to all an explanation from the point of view, and you look for the ways for self-improvement, for achievement of plans, for performance of objectives. It is known that there is nothing impossible. If you are ready seriously, then to you no genes are terrible.