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The embroidered history? Each people have

the history, there is the art. Behind the Ukrainian people there are centuries, and at an embroidery - the most ancient of arts which knew mankind, there is the beautiful and true story. Now registration by color threads joins lifestyle of the fashionable person. Here and return to roots of the people, here and versatility, here originality of drawing, an opportunity to be allocated from people around and to be stylish. It is a pity that the Ukrainian symbolics was never a studying subject in Ukraine.

The national embroidery is one of the most widespread and available types of art creativity. It was improved throughout many centuries and to us came in the form of various ornaments, interesting tsvetosochetaniye of threads. Simplicity and laconicism in combination with a variety and art skill, is an inexhaustible source for development of applied art.

The Ukrainian embroidery special, it differs from the Russian and classical European. At first it was an echo of many traditions dated to various holidays. In development of Ukraine the relation to color scale which executed symbols and emblems changed, i.e. the symbolics of color was shown.

The main barva (on ukr. color) is blue (blakitny) and yellow. These colors are considered as state and are used generally together. Blue color - getmanskiya. Red, it is treated as the speaking emblem, means the shed blood, considers it as a violence symbol, or, you look as a revenge symbol. Crimson - heroic color, its use in an embroidery it is honourable. Green - renewal, awakening, rebirth, including is global - the people. White symbolizes self-sacrifice, but it has also inconsistent treatment, sometimes it is considered as a symbol of purity and sanctity. Black, unfortunately, except as the complaint, mourning, has no other values. Though it is also a sign of the long and difficult road. As you can see, not so there is a lot of primary colors. Other shades carefully were selected skilled workers to show all beauty and the importance of drawing.

As women generally were engaged in this needlework, it was considered as charitable business, women are much allocated with feeling of graceful. Though man`s embroidery is appreciated much more expensively, assiduity always gave tranquility to spirit and a pacification to temper. All want to find the occupation capable to harmonize an inner world in the modern world. And so, embroidery is compared sometimes to meditation, it helps to display all beauty and incomprehensibility of thinking.

It would be desirable to note the importance of drawings. In advance I warn, these are only needlework bases, the combination of ornaments allows to create absolutely different images. Especially as in the Ukrainian embroidery there are more than two hundred types of seams though in practice use about twenty. So:

A guelder-rose - a tree of Ukraine and the Ukrainian sort, his immortality. Generally it is embroidered on wedding bench hammers and youth shirts;

the Oak - often use in combination with a guelder-rose, it is sacred a tree, Perun`s embodiment, god of solar male energy and force. Peculiar charm of vital force of a sort;

the Rose - a favourite flower, he reminded the sun. Patterns were embroidered by the principle of a vegetable ornament, it meant the continuous solar movement with updating;

Grapes - pleasure and beauty of creation of a family. Use on family bench hammers where the husband is a sower, and the wife is a keeper of a tree of their sort;

the Lily - maiden purity, female energy. Usually the flower goes along with a bud, the composition of continuous life, origin and development turns out new;

the Bowl with fruit - a symbol of abundance and fertility;

the Bird - they can be various. For example, peacocks or heat - birds bear in themselves solar energy of life therefore it is birds of family happiness, embroider them on wedding bench hammers, very often over them the wreath is located. A nightingale with a cuckoo they are represented on maiden bench hammers, a symbol of future marriage. Pigeons, roosters, falcons are newlyweds, often klyuvik watch them at each other. And here a swallow - always the messenger of a good news, the faithful companion of the dwelling.

Samples and technology of embroidery passed from father to son. By the way, the embroidery decorated even clothes of Scythians. The Ukrainian national suit is not just clothes, it is a nation symbol, this art and property of all people. All memory of ancestors comes to life on a tambour, causing pride and respect. The national clothes represent cathedral Ukraine, including language, belief, customs.

It is a peculiar, art passport of our earth. And process of embroidery develops esthetic taste, imparts accuracy, the creative relation to work, diligence. Only do not think that I urge all to undertake an embroidery, by no means, this especially personal record of everyone. But though to approach a little history, such fine and picturesque, has to everyone living in Ukraine. The embroidery is sung not by one poet and occurs in many art compositions. It is pleasant to dress clothes at which there is an embroidered pattern, to feel all versatility of threads, same eternal as well as history of Ukraine.