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To drink or not to drink?

All of us like to sit behind a little table and to drink a glass of good wine. How at the same time to understand many brands and numerous brands. As Omar Khayyam spoke: “ Wine is forbidden. But there are four “ but “: Watching who, with whom, when and moderately drinks. At observance of these four conditions, sane wine is authorized to all “.

According to the conducted researches, the considerable part of the consumed wine gets on people with an income level - average and above an average. Also the age of the consumer of this drink, did not change from 25 to 45 years, generally such person accurately knows what wants and has flavoring addiction. The youth audience generally gives preference to beer and low alcohol cocktails.

It will be interesting to true judges of noble drink of Dionysus that table vintage wines were elite in Soviet period. Such status awarded brands: “ Aligote Gold beam “ “ Riesling Alkadar “ “ Perlina to a step “ and the only thing in Ukraine red vintage table wine - “ Oksamit Ukra§ni “. Unfortunately, today the situation with vintage wines is even worse.

Wine is a noble drink, and it has to be made in the corresponding conditions.

To take, for example, Moldova, the small country almost filled in Russia with the wines not of the best quality in spite of the fact that wine growing and winemaking in it prosper. Georgian wines also leave much to be desired. Now in the world wine market there is a war of an Old and new light. The USA, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay treats a new light, South Africa, the Old World represents France. And here wines of the CIS differ from the international standards in lack of technological operation which is called apple - dairy fermentation and without such fermentation to enter the world market is unreal. And attraction of bigger number of investors would be in this branch very opportunely. Maybe the situation will become better by means of Gerard Depardieu who wanted to become the owner of several vineyards in the Crimea. Expensive licenses, wine inspection, lack of a source of raw materials and a high duty which is 3 times more than for cognac all this led to the fact that the market of wine was considerably reduced. Great Louis Pasteur approved

: “ Wine rightfully can be considered as the healthiest and most hygienic " drink;. It is powerful antioxidant which normalizes a metabolism, raises hemoglobin, improves work of a cardiac muscle. Wine also normalizes a blood count, strengthens capillaries and prevents development of atherosclerosis, brings radionuclides out of an organism and helps to be protected from them. And still improves work of a liver, an eye, a brain and proves as the bactericidal and antiviral means increasing immunity. Wise ruby drink destroys viruses and is the good antidepressant which is perfectly removing stresses. Experts from the Crimean Institute of wine claim that if to drink 300 g of dry wine a day - on several drinks during the day or in the evening all glass, then the person will feel cheerfulness.

And the Greek scientists found in it an active component resveratrol which, as we know, possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxygenic properties and is useful to treatment of chronic pneumonia, and is much more effective than hormones. Here and scientists of the Danish Scientific Center of epidemiology established

: if for two months the woman drinks a small amount of dry wine - red or white - that chances to become pregnant at her twice more, than at those who prefer beer hard liquors or are not drunk at all.

The paradox is that heart attack mortality - coronary insufficiency - is inversely proportional to consumption of red wine. I.e. using wine in small amounts the risk decreases by 60%. And still the weapon against flu can too is in a glass, especially, the non-smoking, but drinking wine people have flu less, than non-smoking and teetotal. Wine dilutes blood, and reduces risk of thromboses. On it gift of a rod does not come to an end, only one liqueur glass of red wine at the end of food is the best diet for weight loss, especially after plentiful food. Especially as cores are not recommended to drink hard liquors, and here the glass of natural red or white wine will be just right (but at stomach ulcer instead of champagne and wine it is better, to drink a little vodka or cognac).

For fans of exotic there is a vinoterapiya, experts in the Crimea do compresses and bathtubs with addition of a grape residue and oils of stones. Wine treats many diseases, but can ruin the person. Wine is a pleasure and fun, it is a grief and defect. Wine generously awards and cruelly punishes …

“ To live long, buy for yourself old wines and the old friend “ - still Pythagoras said. Even Napoleon spoke: “ There is no wine - there are no soldiers “. Not important what drink we drink whether it be “ Kharkiv " champagne; or “ powder " wine; or “ hundred-dollar bottle of French “ ordinary or branded. We as God`s creations, gift of a solar rod we will use for the sake of the uniform purpose: “ to recover, but not to drink! “.