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How for the first time in life to prepare pancakes with a surprise?

Who did not put hot pancake four times, did not dip a sharp nose in sour cream or jam to send then to a mouth?

It seems that you know them enough. And meanwhile, many people have kinds of pancakes - from thick American pancakes and unsweetened Mexican tortilyas to the pancakes crackling (in French gracefully) syuzett. And meanwhile, in England in the last day before a post arrange pancake races.

And meticulous American scientists checked a proverb in which the State of Kansas was compared on the plane to pancake. Cut the bought pancake through each centimeter, calculated an index of smoothing of a relief, then compared to data of topography. Also proved - that a surface of Kansas ploshche pancake.

Pancakes, pancakes with stuffings, with a heat of the sun, pancake pies Get an apron, we are waited by nice feats.

It was established that the criminal long time bore the plan and worked according to accurately planned scenario. Having calcinated a frying pan with coarse salt, it got rid of traces and secured itself(himself) against possible slips. Already by one type of a pig-iron frying pan with thick walls detectives stated: here the professional acted.

Pancake to a belly not damage - so says popular wisdom. Report to wisdom from other sources the following important details: to warm up milk a little (for the best comprehensibility of flour), to sift flour (for greater splendor), a good proportion of flour and liquid - one to one. From personal experience I will tell that and) the mixer was absolutely even useful; b) burns to be afraid - not to go to a plate.

Having gained the confidence, the criminal got fraudulently three tablespoons of vegetable oil and two - sugar, milk liter, a pinch of salt and not less than two glasses of flour. Loss of four eggs managed to be established later.

we Will study couple of movements. Doubting the forces can practise on a cold frying pan and some liquid. One hand we lift a frying pan (at whom hot and at whom safe), no, not for the handle, and in a mitten or with a tack. Another is scooped a portion of the test (me the serving spoon arranged). We pour into the center and we report to a frying pan a roundabout dough filled with whenever possible thin and even layer a bottom.

Be adjusted on the fact that popular wisdom about the first pancake will be true. The main thing in this situation not to despair and correct a situation, having drawn conclusions. Problems can be two: pancakes burn to a frying pan or are torn at a turning.

Solution of the first. Three spoons of oil in dough and one more on the heated frying pan before baking of the first pancake. Superfluous (I did not see the sizes of your frying pan) it is possible to merge. If it appears a little - periodically grease a frying pan with the half of potatoes or a rag on a fork moistened in oil. Personally it was not useful to me.

Also pancakes can burn if on a frying pan there are remains of detergents. You can call shamanism and not watch the word " in the dictionary; adsorption but manipulations with salt are directed just to fight against these remains. To calcinate once again with salt, to wipe with a dry rag. Only be convinced that you have in hands usual cast iron and any teflon.

If it is heavy to overturn pancakes, and believe me, first it will be difficult anyway No, it is possible just to throw, of course, and dexterously to catch pancakes the slack-baked party down. Only I think that development of a trick will demand time and the victims. In practice couple of knives, either a shovel, or just burned fingers will approach.

So, pancake is successfully baked thoroughly on the one hand, pleasing with golden color, and to turn over here, pancake, does not want, pancake is torn. Check a test consistence (density of sour cream is necessary though at me was more liquid) if matter in it, add flour and stir. And still lower fire to an average.

The first two times I worked skills to pass directly to pancakes with a surprise. Pancakes - it from the fresh test, and " pancakes; - from yeast dough if to place everything in places.

For this purpose it is necessary to bake pancakes wholesale, from the second party to bake thoroughly less. The stuffing (better a little to knead it) is put on the fried party, the pancake is displaced by an envelope and fried from two parties on oil. For a sweet stuffing it is possible to take cottage cheese with sugar, apple jam or any jam. And it is still obligatory to make a sauce of condensed milk and the cocoa divorced in hot water.

Thanks to disinterested aid and resolute actions of relatives, friends and acquaintances, the crime was solved without delay. In the interests of the investigation the circle of involved persons is not identified.

With the coming pleasant appetite!