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Spring ustalofobiya - that it and what it is eaten with?

Here the winter seeming eternity, cold and awfully heavy fur coats, jackets and boots also left... Can not such and heavy on weight, but so there is a wish for easy jackets, jumpers and short skirts... Sorry, it so retreat.

is known to All that the winter is a hibernation, there is not enough vitamin D, and especially the suns and a green grass, there are not enough paints... The organism is exhausted.

Emergence of the red sun and ringing singing of birdies - a stress for our internal watch. Day is extended, and, therefore, there is a subconscious wish to create more and more, but in 3 months we got used to a certain rhythm of life, and now it is necessary to be reconstructed. And though, it only in pleasure to us, but our organism is difficult. From here eternal fatigue and irritability... The mood is same changeable, as well as weather... Cloudlets - and you already gathered on a platoon, pools - in general accident appeared.

The work volume which is carried out in the winter was reduced from - for a lack of forces... and attention.

Is correct, in the winter you run from the house for work, and in the evening almost fly back. And now, there is a wish to enjoy the warm sun and a smell of spring. It has a special smell. But there will pass a little time, and everything will rise on the places, forces will increase, the mood will not depend on weather. In a word, you will be restored if, of course you help yourself: you will eat many fruit and to fill the life in the color.

Though, look on the parties, and is more true on the half. It for some reason gloomy and eternally tired... Why? (you think). The female organism is restored several times quicker. And here, you resort from work and call darling to walk in park before going to bed, all a half-hour..., but in reply only muttering: I was tired . Well, you think, but for tomorrow the same and the day after tomorrow, and Sunday soccer...

Ustalofobiya? - it that illness? It is rather not, matter in another. Actually you are also tired at work, as well as it, but the woman likes to refresh the feelings and emotions, and it does not mean that you want the new man or just look for adventures (spring!), it is just necessary to explain, slowly you want to tell what, to try to reach compromise.

It is necessary to fight against this phobia, maybe, really now it is overloaded, then you have to help it... Do pleasant surprises, it is more than bright paints and fruit! Help it to wake up, he will notice - here will see.

I am right, lovely men? Protect each other.