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How to advance the website? Sometimes developers spend

year, and sometimes more to gather a certain layer of visitors. But you do not need the first rows in ratings if, of course, your website did not become yet a portal where the next news or updating appears every day. If you have a simple homepage which we tried to create together in three of my previous articles, then here what actions you need to take for advance of the website on the Internet.

The first - search engines

If you at least once were on the Internet (and if you read this page now, then surely were), then you obviously faced search engines. You remember how to you set the teacher`s task - to make the paper? Where you addressed?, to a search engine. And so, and your website needs to be registered in these systems too. Registration in them gives about 80 percent of attendance of the website. The most popular in Russia, and in them you should be registered, is RAMBLER. RU, YANDEX. RU, APORT. RU, GOOGLE. COM, MAIL. RU, etc. The most important, register the website everywhere manually that precisely the nobility what information you entered into fields of search.

Of course, in search engines there is also minus. At each inquiry when you want to find something, to you the huge number of references is given, and you (only do not deceive me), do not look through further the third or fourth page. Because among the first 30 - 40 references you manage to find everything that it is necessary for you. Therefore your task - to try to make so that your website got in these 30 - 40, for this purpose and is necessary registration by the hands.

The second - catalogs After you were registered by

though by several search engines, you need to be registered in catalogs. For this purpose in the searcher we enter Free registration of the website in the " catalogs; also we receive a lot of references. We come on everyone. When there is a website, on is mute ishchyom the inscription To Add the reference and then we act according to the instruction. And only do not give in on such adventures where to you suggest to register the website in 4000 or 2700 + catalogs at once. This purest fraud. When you approach the finishing registration process, the program will give out to you, something your website is placed on a free hosting, or will ask to pay. So, you just in vain will spend day and time stayed in the Internet.

When you will be registered in catalogs, previously on the website create a page where you will place the reference to the catalog because practically all the Internet - archives of links demand a back link which will be posted at you on the website.

When you bypassed about 40 catalogs, can have a rest and continue a little another time. Start the following stage.

The third - bulletin boards

Registration of the website on bulletin boards has two parties of a medal, that is, plus and minus. I will begin with plus. Bulletin boards are free, and there is a lot of them, information is stored long enough. Your announcement is indexed by a search engine that increases probability of finding of your website through inquiry in a search engine. Now minus: your announcement will be visible on the first pages only short time, a low otklikayemost for your announcements on many boards, rules and forms of placement differ from each other that leads to expenditure of precious time for adaptation to conditions of a concrete board. As the Internet - boards are replenished very often, your message left about advertizing of the website every day will fall below and below, and in a week nobody will be able already to look at it. Then it is necessary to leave the message anew. It is quite difficult procedure.

To find these boards, use search again. Enter Bulletin boards and then, on the opened website, find To Add the announcement . As procedures of addition should be carried out quite often, I advise at myself on the computer all boards to shower in the Favourites. It will a little facilitate to you life. It is even more convenient to keep the references on the server of the bookmarks Memori. ru, it is possible to appropriate to the same bookmarks a tag there and then to open their list one pressing, and from any computer with Internet connection.

The fourth - friends

This point should never be missed. You communicate on the Internet or correspond, so, at you, for certain, there are several tens friends. Make so. Make the letter in which it would be said that you opened the website, describe it a little, and send this letter to all the acquaintances. Also specify in the bottom of the letter that they, in turn, sent this letter to the acquaintances. It is possible to call it friendly spam, but, there`s nothing to be done, if there is a wish that the website was visited. Similar procedure can be done with virtual friends with whom you communicate in ICQ, RamblerEgo, Skype, etc. Send also to them the same text. It, certainly, has to lift attendance of your website, and with it and a position in a rating.

The fifth - guest, forums, chats

Is, in my opinion, easiest way to advertize the website. Obviously you in a moneybox have a couple of the sites which you regularly visit, or a couple of those resources from which you downloaded papers or checked pictures. And so, practically on each of them there is either a guest book, or a forum. In them it is possible to leave messages. I hope, clear what contents there has to be a message - advertizing! Practically it, as well as to your friends. Only here it is necessary to entice more the person that he wanted to click on your link and to look what according to it is stored.

As for chats (and you there obviously spend not one hour), when you meet somebody, just during conversation for a moment tell that you have the website. Suggest to come and estimate it, thereby you will be able to fill to rating. If the previous option, with guest and forums, demanded inducement, then here it is necessary to offer only beautifully.

I hope, having implemented all five clauses, you will be able to ascend together with the website to the Internet - the Olympus. Good luck to you in creation, development of design and advance.