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Why yellow - color of change? Whether history of a rose

you Know that the rose is parted already by more than 5 thousand years? But for it it is not a lot of. The nature improves this flower of 35 million years! The ancient Greeks who read beauty in any manifestations thought up the mass of legends of an origin of this divine flower.

According to Anakreon, she was born from the snow-white foam covering Aphrodite`s body when the goddess of love left after bathing the sea.

Aphrodite`s priests demolished the white rose which was in a virgin charm and purity to the temple of the goddess and decorated an altar and a surrounding garden. There the rose remained white until Aphrodite`s heart was not affected with an awful message that Adonis loved by it lies in Pifon`s grove, to death wounded by a wild boar.

In an indescribable grief the goddess directed to it. She ran, without paying attention to the thorns covering roses, and, naturally, covered with wounds legs. Several drops of divine blood got on flowers, and from white they turned into brightly red.

Other legend says that the goddess of a kingdom of plants Flora did not love, and long time avoided the Greek god of love of the Eros. But artful god managed to affect her heart with an arrow, and Flora blazed to it with passion.

Now, in turn, the Eros began to avoid meetings with Flora. Burned by one-way love, the goddess decided to create a magic flower which laughs, both cries, and longs and rejoices.

Having seen the growing flower, the goddess in admiration wanted to exclaim: Eros . But, faltered and, having swallowed the first syllable, shouted only: " dews;. Since then a flower and began to call a rose.

But on it creators of legends did not stop. And everywhere roses is blood and love.

In Ancient Persia considered that the rose was presented by Allah. But here the Nightingale fell in love with her, and in a rush of passion pressed to a breast. And proud Roza so just is not given, and she has a protection - thorns. Blood of the Nightingale empurpled snow-white petals, and Roza became red.

Ancient Jews also considered that did not do without blood. According to the Talmud, the red rose grew from blood is not guilty the murdered Abel.

Similar legends are at Hindus, Chinese, Egyptians, Romans. Not for nothing Omar Khayyam wrote: Where the tulip, and a rose reddened blossomed, there before the earth in itself absorbed blood of tsars .

In England two peace roses - scarlet and white, became a symbol of the fratricidal war lasting 30 years. Subsequently the English gardeners grew up the special grade of a rose well-known for that, as scarlet, and white flowers grow on the same bush.

Christians did not leave us without legends too. They considered that white roses grew on a bush where Virgin Mary hung up to dry Christ`s diapers. What prose.

And still white roses were called roses of the repentant Magdalene - they lost color from tears shed by her.

The touching legend is connected with Saint Elizabeth Vengerskaya. The husband forbade it to help the poor. Once, despite of a ban, it bore to the poor food. The terrible husband, having seen it, asked: What do you bear? - Roses - that answered. The husband did not believe, but when Elizabeth developed a parcel with bread, there really there were only roses.

A symbol of mystical society of Rosicrucians (that means rose and cross ) there was a wreath from roses with thorns and the Andreevsky cross inside. The white rose was considered as a symbol of preservation of secret.

Ancient Romans claimed that god of love the Cupid presented it to the Aesculapian Hippocrates that that did not divulge adventures of Venus. If Romans put on a table the narrow-necked vessel and a neck closed a rose nimbus, it meant that no conversations since such feast should filter outside.

A red rose - one of emblems of St. Valentine`s Day. And the foundation to it was laid by the French king Louis XVI who presented to Maria - Antoinette red roses this day.

On Slavic beliefs the scarlet rose provided to the promised`s girl. It was only necessary to break a rose on the eve of day of Ivan Kupala, to wrap it in a clean sheet of paper and to keep. If for Christmas the dried-out rose still kept a form, it was necessary to pin it to a breast and is proud to go to church. And all. The rest has to come true by itself. You trust?

Where the love, happens also change there. But neither scarlet, nor white roses have no relation to it. A change symbol - a rose yellow.

Somehow the great prophet Muhammad left on war with Jews. His wife Aisha swore to it fidelity. But Aisha it was slandered, and the come-back Muhammad doubted her. He ordered to the wife to lower a red rose in the fountain: if it does not change color, so Aisha is innocent. However, oh, horror! The rose became yellow. And since then began to consider that she warns us about change.

Nevertheless, Aisha managed to prove that she was slandered. The fact of change was not confirmed, and Allah justified it. So, the yellow rose just lies. Do not trust it.