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Electronic pets who are they?

Many love a fantasy. Books how the mankind grew a snake on a breast, namely robots with artificial intelligence and she (snake) bit the creator. Many excitedly read books about release of Earth from electronic reason or apocalyptically pessimistic about that, will enslave and will destroy mankind the heartless car. But whether you deliberated that it can be actually? That already now we can lose someone live, having replaced it with electronics? About whom I?

If technical progress moves more and more fast and in high gear, then, perhaps, we can lose our pets. Actually not everything is so terrible. I exaggerate only a little, I frighten, so to speak.

But we will not be about sad today. As it is possible a lovely fluffy kitten which only such on light, here with it here a speck on an ear, here with such eyes and in general, just a charm, to replace with the walking computer, slightly - slightly thinking mechanism mewing or barking depending on the irritating factors?

For quite some time now to to dog lovers and to aelurophiles fans of electronic beasts increased.

Name: AIBO

Description: well to a dog it is similar, to a dog!

Opening: 1999

Manufacturer: On May 11, 1999 the Sony company released Sony

the first electronic dog of AIBO. Though they in every possible way disowned from parallels with dogs, preferring that also fans of cats could buy such zhivotinka. The success surpassed all expectations. Despite the high price, AIBO at once began to buy. There are all new models, the websites where fans discuss the pets began to appear, programs for an upgrade appeared. From this day population of electronic animals grows and spreads, all new types appear.

Name: NeCoRo

Description: a fluffy being with the blinked eyes. Truly Japanese cat!

Opening: 2001

Manufacturer: Omron

But what to do to fans of cats? Really nothing is laid up by it? The Omron company (again Japan) which is known at us in Russia generally for the tonometers, created electronic analog of a cat. NeCoRo - a lovely fluffy beast, just as the real cat, the real competitor of AIBO. Unlike AIBO and others it does not sparkle brilliant plastic sides, it soft and fluffy. Sensitive elements on a body of NeCoRo are located where the cat has receptors, most sensitive to touches, - paws, a muzzle, ears.

This being is capable to remember the name if you at it repeatedly repeat it, in the course of the growth changes behavior, you buy by a kitten, but after a while it matures on appearance, the truth it is not reflected, only in behavior. But these milyag have one essential shortcoming. They cannot go, run, jump. However, without being able to move, can quietly move in a sitting position, can play and their movements are natural.

Name: Tamagoch

Description: egg with buttons and a screen. Live brelochek.

Opening: 1996

Manufacturer: Japanese company Bandai

of the Cat, dog... Who else? Hamsters? Parrots? The small fishes who are fed from sockets? Everything is much simpler. What occurs to you when it is told about electronic pets? Really you forgot about tamagoch? Who are they such? An animal on a brelka with calculator brains? Toy, harmful to children? These are aliens. They were wrecked and were placed in eggs to be protected from our atmosphere. Needs love and caress, at a plokhomukhoda can die.

Who would know that they are waited by such success. In two years that the tamagocha era lasted, about 40 million pieces were sold. It apart from cheap Chinese fakes which glutted the market of many countries at that time. Tamagochilikhoradkoy was captured the whole world. Demand repeatedly exceeded the offer, reached that those children who have no tamagocha, took away a toy from happy owners.

At first they were mortal. But for sensitive American children made hepp - and. Tamagochka did not die, and departed from the owner there where it will be better for him, to more perfect world.

Undoubtedly, demand for electronic pets exists. Life does not stand still, outdated models are succeeded by modern models in the technical plan with wider scale of feelings, with large volume of memory, with the best technical characteristics. In Russia robotosobak and robotokoshka, but are still not too widespread in the USA, Japan progress on the person.

Let for us there will be a toy an electronic dog with a computer brain, only interesting to a techno - a feature. A way our living pets will remain our friends, those for whom it is necessary to look after, worry who should be taught teams not through a program code, and through real-life communication with your favourite which to replace with nothing.

Happiness and good luck to you and your pets!