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And you flew how a bird?

And me to fly, and to me to fly, and to me to fly hunting!

Oh, as hunting.

Is direct to straighten hands - wings and to fly.

From these movements ease and flexibility is formed in a body.

of the Hand, oh, rise and pull me up. Legs rise by mysochka and feeling of flight. On mysochka, however, so far on them.

Well, do not want to come off they a floor. Cling to it. All the same, pleasantly and easily, hands, just imagine, fly up. The body softly rocks in only it the conducted rhythm and the direction. Thoughts are dissolved, there is a pleasure and ease flight

you do not think that it is spring nonsense, such seasonal aggravation. No.

is an equipment such. Key is called. And it has an author - Aliyev.

you Want to learn to fly? It is very simple.

Extend before yourself hands and try to part them in the parties, but so that they began to disperse in the parties from uniform muscular effort, as if in itself, automatically.

at the same time you will feel that as though a load off the mind. Perhaps, at once or maybe in several seconds the condition of internal ease at which hands will begin to disperse in the parties even easier and quicker will begin to appear. They move already as if and at your will, as if without volition.

As though in zero gravity as though they are helped by some force.

is the force of the harmony which arose between consciousness and an organism.

The moment of unexpected freedom is so perceived...

When hands begin to disperse in the parties, the nervous system begins to calm down, and you feel that you begin to relax also your body, perhaps, begins to rock. It is very pleasant.

Then try to lower hands and to allow them together or to rise in turn up, in the parties as to wings.

Let hands disperse, and the body - rocks. Such measured pleasant rockings mother when you were absolutely small calmed.

of Thought at the same time begin to flow exactly and freely, as during a trip in the car. Thinking of the most various things on a wave of this harmonizing rhythm, you are trained to solve in such a way stressful problems on quiet mind .

After two - three such exercises you learn to reduce at yourself stress without the aid of the Key. On the automatic machine.

Flight is carried out with the minimum effort, automatically. Hands, at will, are raised, emerge without usual muscular efforts.

at the same time is shown such internal freedom which includes conditions of liberation with increase of self-confidence up to euphoria - feeling of an okryleniye.

If, for example, to do some flying thus, within, for example, 10 minutes, even without explaining any theories, then within this repeated work set monotonous he naturally endures all stages of adaptation and development of skills:

1. Novelty tension.

2. Search of optimum activity - to work as it is more convenient.

3. Relaxation.

4. If earlier there was a deficiency of a dream - drowsiness.

5. If initially there was a sincere crisis - a catharsis.

6. If it is subject to a transovost - a trance state.

Generally, work is already performed with the minimum efforts, on the " submachine gun; it is observed as self-oscillation of a body.

at the same time is available all signs of gradually increasing wellbeing: face muscles relax, there is a released look, eyelids can stick together, breath opens (becomes prirodno - natural), in this state you begin to remind the person in meditation.

The most interesting, from the practical point of view, begins then. Naletavshis so minutes ten - twenty, it is necessary to sit quietly as much again.

is time of revelations.

What I mean?

come as though solutions of your problems, inspirations from nowhere At this time and desires to make what you really need.

In the same way it is possible, having adjusted during flight, that is, having set for itself the task, to find its most effective solution.

Or to start the mechanism of realization of the task. For example, excuse for banality, it will be adjusted on weight loss, there is no sweet, not to smoke or still something. You included intention, and it already is realized.

Fly and do not prevent it to be realized.