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Whether to trust prophetic dreams?

In our life are always the place to secret, real stories which are difficult for explaining from the point of view of common sense.

About seventy were it. It - has slightly more. They - everyone - lived several years in loneliness: both buried spouses and whiled away the days as both could. At it it turned out: with energy, enthusiasm and altruism it was always possible to find business which was necessary rather for others, than her.

Well and it, of course, to feel necessary, is simple even necessary for people. And long evenings flew memoirs, them was so many that would be enough not for one life.

So all also proceeded if the strange dream did not begin to come to it every night. In it she distinctly saw that in one of houses at the embankment someone waits for it the help. She hurried to this house, heard knock of the heels and... woke up.

was difficult to understand in reality, at house what door it needs to knock to give necessary help, but that day she resolved to go on the embankment.

He sometimes with boredom visited the bar near the embankment to toss of a glass - another of dry wine, to greet people even if unfamiliar. That day traditional visit was broken - cafe, for some unexpected reasons was closed. On noise and loud voices from the next cafe he understood that to spend quiet evening there it will not turn out.

With feeling superfluous on this holiday of life and suddenly the gushed former memoirs it moved away from the central street and where - noticed, only when heard: tsok - tsok - tsok...

I Hear: hasty heels knock. I look back - the woman, low, a bearing - the lovely sight, a dress - with taste is simple. Me, as a wave, - to it: Lady! - and she did not even turn back. I - behind it.

Again after to it, is already louder: The Lady, it is possible to get acquainted with you? She turned the head, took of me a view from legs to the head and again told nothing. But my already sounded question an echo thundered on the deserted street and returned with the answer which was heard by both of us: Only through the REGISTRY OFFICE! ...

I as if was tied to it. I go and am afraid from a look to let out. And she as if remembered something or suddenly understood, stopped and in a minute went back, home. I saw off it, and next day came with flowers.

So to the REGISTRY OFFICE also gave every day flowers. Looked after, as in youth! Even, probably, more ardently. Asked her hand and when it agreed, it was happy as Romeo! And today it is happy because my Yuzya - the most surprising woman on light!

They are Andrey Petrovich and Jozef Iosifovna - surprisingly happy couple. They are touchingly gentle with each other, always together, like to give each other gifts and both are grateful to dreams, circumstances and an echo on the deserted street for life which as if it was started for them anew.

So can be, and to you prophetic dreams as a gift will come From above to present you happiness which y are worthy. Let it be!