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What is necessary for happiness?

What actually is necessary for the person for happiness? The question is rhetorical, there are already a lot of centuries concerning all people of our planet. And it is valid - let`s consider that it is necessary for us for happiness and what so is not enough for us in our everyday life...

Usually on the matter of the man, and recently and the increasing number of women declare that for entire happiness they lack money.

Shortage of love and understanding from the family is on the second place, here it is possible to carry as not developed relations with the partner, and disagreements of spouses, fathers and children, colleagues and friends.

On the third and for certain not last place there is a career. Here if I was given increase, and I became - the head of department, the bank manager, the editor of the magazine etc. - reflects, sitting at a desktop, the person. But also after receiving the expected increase the ambition drives it further, to new heights. The five-minute satisfaction is replaced by new race behind advance.

Students dream to close somewhat quicker session without tails . And - as long as possible to take a walk, without taking any intermediate and rating tests. And, professorsko - the teaching structure of institute only also dreams of that time when already, at last, these examinations begin.

Our grandmothers and grandfathers dream of times which left. Here if they were given one more chance to live life anew, they would use it to the full extent. They would turn mountains, and everything would be not so awful as now, and the youth would not grow in such dreadful conditions.

Young mothers and fathers dream that their child, at last, will grow up and will become a source of pleasure and inspiration. He or she for certain will achieve all unrealized dreams and ideas of the parents, will be much more successful and more successful. He or she will get the monasteries of glory which did not get him.

The English scientists in this respect on the basis of results of polls removed the formula of happiness:

Happiness = P+ (5khe)+ (3khn)
, where P means

personal characteristic (here the outlook, ability to adapt to new conditions, ability to transfer adversities enters), E is life (developers enclosed a state of health, financial stability, friendship in this concept and other), and N - the " index; the highest " standards; (self-esteem, ambitions and even sense of humour).

And in principle what is it - happiness?

This such ephemeral feeling which cannot fully be felt, having it. Only having lost it, it is possible to understand to what degree you were happy.

Only someone from our relatives should get sick or the family, it is worth hearing news that to someone there was a misfortune as on heart cats with long claws begin to scrape.

Besides, in life there are not only meetings, but also partings. Some of them sometimes will painfully wound our soul, leaving an indelible mark. Leaving, we leave a part of near the person, and any more any more never we become former. More precisely, we look as well as earlier, we think and we reflect also, but here we love already not so. There is no former feeling of serenity. Yes, we love, but already cautiously, with caution back, comparing and reinterpreting all events, acts, words and other.

Stop a moment, you it is fine! Here about what, probably, we forget. Lack of news is not boredom, and that to what we, probably, have to rejoice. Not always news promise pleasure. Very often it is alarm, a stress, a nervous tension. And when any problem is solved, freight of responsibility for it falls down from our shoulders, all of us feel sense of relief. What it is possible to compare to feeling which mother when say to her that her child is incurably sick has? And when the made diagnosis is wrong? It unless can be compared to something? How it is possible to describe all scale of the experienced emotions?

Happiness can also be estimated and from the point of view of age of the person. At each stage of life we need the happiness. If for the child it is careful parents and beautiful toys, then for the teenager is already the assessment of his personal qualities from society.

So be happy, live with pleasure in that interval of time which was given you from above. Rejoice to every moment. Also you should not dream of impracticable. Though dreams and a flight of fancy - it is very good too. But about it next time